Sunday, June 27, 2010

It was Pretty much a Bust


The following is meant to be funny, so I don't want to offend anyone. The pictures kind of simulate the male form. Consider yourself warned.

Back in April, I had posted that I had gone to a silent auction for a benefit for a friend who lost everything in a fire. I had bid on and won the wiener roasting sticks.

We went camping this weekend and it was terrible. Well, not completely. We did have some sun on Saturday and went and looked at some boats for sale (just for fun). In a grand scheme, it was bad. It started raining Friday night right when we were having dinner at the bar that is next to the campground. Pouring. We walked there and had to run back to our camper in the rain, lightening and thunder. We had watched the weather at the bar and it was thunderstorms with hail and a lot of wind. We turned on the local radio station and they were saying that there were tornado clouds spotted all around us. Then the sirens started-first in the town that the campground was in, and then the across the river in Red Wing their sirens started going off. The storms passed and we were able to get to sleep. Saturday during the day, the weather was pretty nice, but we started a fire around 8 and the storms started again so we headed back into the camper. The sirens went off again and it rained even more the second night, but again we were spared something serious. And on the way home we drove through a monsoon. Ugh.

We built a campfire at home tonight and were finally able to use our new wiener sticks!

Roasting over the fire

Yum! That was one good dog!


Lea Ann said...

omg those weiner stick cookers are just halarious! There is nothing worse than camping in the rain, let alone tornado warnings. I would have been a basket case. We went camping this past weekend with much better weather results. Perhaps your next trip should be to Colorado. :-)

Grumpy and HoneyB said...

LOL, Oh, I want some of those weiner sticks! Never mind that I rarely eat a hot dog! LOL

Monica H said...

That's one good looking weiner! HA HA!

I'm sorry you got so much rain on your camping trip. At least it didn't end up in flash floods like I read recently on the news :-(

Glad you're home safe with your weenie roaster.

Cheryl said...

BEST Weiner sticks I have seen in my entire life! That is why I dont camp, scary weather!

Spryte said...

Those are SO cool!!!!