Monday, August 23, 2010

Dude turns 45

Dude just turned 45 this weekend. He, myself and Drama Queen went camping while Hermit Crab saw some high school friends in town for the annual Fireman's Chicken BBQ. We had a good time camping; however were rather disappointed in the fact that the campground never enforced the 10 PM quiet time rule. Our neighbors were out partying (next to our 'bedroom' in our camper) until 3AM both nights...or was it days? Not very restful. I think we must be getting old since we like to have a nice fire and not listen to drunk people swearing at one another and saying "Oh yeah? Well watch this!" and hope our camper wasn't going up in flames or would have a cannon ball size hole through it's side. I think we will be sticking to the quiet campgrounds closer to home that we know.

Hermit Crab made Dude a giraffe quilt for his birthday. He has a thing for giraffes. Enough said
Having some margaritas with our dinner at the local watering hole. No, I didn't cook much

Dude had the fish special with deep fried cod, buttered reds and a salad

I had the sirloin special with the buttered reds and a salad

Drama Queen had a prime rib sandwich with fries. Dad took other half to work tonight.
While DQ snuggled into her air matteress, we went back to the bar and had more margaritas-that they forgot to charge us for. When we tried to pay, they said no-it was their mistake. It was like 3 for 1!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Dude, you are as old as me! LOL

Looks like a great meal and a nice time!

A Year on the Grill said...

happy B-day dude! a great thing the local bar!

Hungry Dog said...

Happy birthday to dude! Sounds like a fun (although noisy) camping trip. Steak and margaritas, how can you go wrong??

Bob said...

Happy birthday dude!

Monica H said...

happy belated birthday Dude!

I like the giraffe quilt- it's cute!