Saturday, February 19, 2011

And they didn't even bring a Hostess gift

Some freaking bug has entered my body and refuses to leave. I had to cancel my lunch date with my best friend from high school and feel the need to go back to bed again. So much for plans of cooking this weekend.

I do hope to have an appy to share with you, as I am having Girl's Night with my former co-workers tomorrow (if this personal attack on my immune system will allow me). It was so easy-saw it on Kraft or Pillsbury maybe? I made it last weekend for my family Christmas party---and forgot to take a picture, so am making it again for the girls for tomorrow, along with Meg's favorite Popcorn salad.

I'm off to drink hot water and honey, gargle with some salt water, and slowly chip away at the layers of skin on my nose.


Hungry Dog said...

So sorry you are sick! Feel better soon. Get lots of rest and have Dude wait on you hand and foot.

Cheryl said...

Hope ya feel better soon! That Chocolate cake looks heavenly!