Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haters need not reply

I'm a nice person. Really-I have been told on numerous occasions that I always have something nice to say to someone, a ready smile, and a helping hand.While I know how FAR from perfect I am, I think when I reach the pearly gates they will know I always tried to be a nice person.

 our Ash tree that succumbed to the evil bug

I received an email a while back regarding my blog. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't full of loving remarks regarding my blog either. Briefly, I am boring, food is bland and not imaginative and pretty much people are looking for more than I had to offer.
 the fire pit is almost visible!!

Then I was thinking back to what another blogger I follow posted about people who say they create recipes, etc on their blogs but they truly don't (I'm paraphrasing here).  Hmmm, maybe this person has a point. While I have never, ever stated here that I create my recipes, maybe I don't make it clear enough that I make old family favorites from my childhood that I 'created' out of memory, but surely didn't make up Tater Tot hotdish. I get recipes from my MIL. I get recipes from other blogs. I get recipes from cookbooks that I mashup together because of an ingredient I or another family member do not care for, or we may not have it on hand. I have several subscriptions to different cooking magazines that I read cover to cover the day I get them. I get recipes from friends. I get recipes from co-workers.

  I love how the ice formed around the leaves and in the indents in the stones

While I stated that I feel that I am a nice person, I also suffer from being very shy and I always have had a problem with self esteem. I admit I was this close to taking my blog down completely. Not out of spite or hurt feelings, but more from the feeling that if one person was honest ballsy enough to email me, maybe others felt the same but never said anything.

my strawberry leaves never died off this fall-I don't know what that mean for this spring

After several weeks of re-reading my posts to make sure that I had given credit to others, or said that I combined recipes from various sources, or that it was a family favorite on a battered old recipe card-I realized something. Who cares if this person doesn't like my blog. Like I say to people who complain about music or programs that offend them-TURN THE CHANNEL!  If what I offer isn't what you think it should be, there are 1,498,633 other blogs you can look at. Maybe they are professional chefs or actual recipe creators, cookbook authors or just way smarter than me. I. me.

So there it is. I'm just a middle aged wife and Mom. I enjoy my job. I enjoy my kids and hubby. I enjoy my cat (who wouldn't-she is cuter than the dickens). I like to make people feel good with my food. I enjoy watching them eat something and really enjoy it themselves. I enjoy beer, and wine, and apparently last night a little too much Cuervo. I love bonfires, camping, fireflies, tulips, fresh cut grass and riding around our yard on our white trash golf cart.

And I like hanging out here.

all the pics were taken today on a walk around the yard. I can't wait to plant the garden, use the fire pit, and barbecue. It has been winter waaaay too long!


Anonymous said...

You are spot on regarding they can just turn the damn channel.

I cannot imagine what a person must be like to actually take the time to email someone just to let them know, that in their opinion, their blog isn't quite up to snuff.
What a loser!

I love your blog. I stop following many blogs when they get all professional, business-like and fancy.

If you don't already check out coleen's Recipes, that lady can cook and is so down to earth.

Please don't let that email change one damn thing about this blog!

Hungry Dog said...

I am appalled and saddened that someone would take the time to email you pointless and hurtful comments. What a jerk! Pay no attention to him/her. I completely agree with what you said--just don't visit a blog if you don't like it! I'm sure plenty of people don't enjoy mine or think I talk about my dog too much or don't take good enough photos. Fine. Move along.

Keep doing what you are doing--the blog is for YOU--and the rest of us just get to enjoy it.
xoxo Hungry Dog

Cheryl said...

First off the person who left the comment can kiss my fat white ass, secondly in my opionion there is no original recipes anymore, everything in the world has been done before. I love your blog and your recipes and hearing about your family, I am so glad you have not closed up shop! I often think of giving up because I put so much work into my blog and get so few people looking at it :)

Debbie said...

I LOVE the personal aspect!!! Don't close up shop, because then I'll have to close up shop too! My blog is just a mish mash of food and books and grandchildren!! I make nothing original, but I love to cook. I love to read...I love to walk around my yard too. I love to babble about WHATEVER I WANT TO.
I feel like writing a blog post about mean people. I mean, isn't a blog a web-log? our own logs/journals?
Do not give up!!

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry someone was so rude to have said that stuff to you...obviously they are lacking something in their life and had to take it out on you. Blogs are about YOU and for YOU and the rest of us who find it, get to enjoy it...if someone doesn't like it then they should quietly not come back. I am so happy to hear that you didn't close your blog because of a rude comment! You go with your heart and nothing else and if this blogging keeps you happy and fulfilled, then you do it for that purpose alone. All we can do is pray for people who like to bring others down...that is so sad. I like to see you like bonfires and fireflies...those are two of my favorite things...simple and amazing! Come join me at my new food blog, we can talk about our families and "boring" lives together!!! KEEP blogging girl!

The Captain's Daughter said...

Tammy - you are WoNdErFuL - no apology necessary - no explanations required. They can turn the channel, or pop over to my blog where they can find REAL things to complain about!

Much love!

Debbie said...

I cannot imagine someone actually taking the time to go out of their way to email someone to criticize their blog. An absolute loser is all I can say. I love your blog and your stories. It is down to earth and I can totally relate to what you blog about. There are blogs out there that I have visited and don't care for and you know what I do....I just move on to the next blog! You just keep doing what you are doing....

Leslie said...

people have too much time on their hands and like to hide behind their computer keyboard. I love you and thats all that matters!

Emily said...

Who is this person?! I'll beat them up!

I love your blog because it's YOU! I think it's great, and I read a lot of blogs. Don't let them bring you down!

Monica H said...

I've been away for a bit, but it's not because I think you're boring. I love you and your blog. You are you and that is important. I've gotten hate mail before, mostly in form of a rude anonymous comment, and they do hurt. But you can't let those few rotten apples make you wanna run and quit. F 'em :-)

SKM said...

Screw 'em ... your blog is just fine. Your recipes remind me of the stuff that my momma and my aunts make. Keep up your good work.

Pam said...

I love your blog, your recipes, your stories, and your photos. I think this person is a rude and bored human being that likes to make others feel bad... DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU.

I started my blog so my children will have all the recipes they grew up eating written down when I pass away. Your children will LOVE having this blog to remember you and the stories and food they grew up on. Keep on keeping on Tamilyn!

Anonymous said...

sweetheart don't you listen to those nasty comments. i've been reading your blog for a while , 2 years or so and i really enjoy it. i love your recipes and I even save thwm and have tried some. Can't wait to try coconut pie. I've never had it before, not an Australian thing. It sure looks good though. I often wonder if those who make nasty comments have a blog of their own. It's so easy to sit on the sideline and have a go at others. Maybe they don"t have the courage to have a go themselves. Anyway just keep on bloging cause I would really miss you if you weren't there.

Maureen said...

I will never stop being amazed at people who waste their time trying to hurt someone else's feelings. Nobody can hurt your feelings unless you give them permission and this person doesn't deserve permission.

I think you have a lovely blog and most every recipe has been made before in some way or another unless they're Heston Blumenthal or similar.

Keep on posting.