Thursday, October 8, 2009

I want a Nutta

I was visiting my list of blogs yesterday getting caught up on what everyone was doing and cooking and baking. When I stopped by Vanilla Sugar, I saw that Dawn is having a giveaway-a good one too! Cookbooks. I think I may have mentioned my love affair with cookbooks before. I read them in bed like people read novels. I have about 100 on my shelves. I would love one of those-especially the baking one! You needed to leave a comment about how you kick it up a notch. I'm a Swedish Lutheran girl who gets heartburn from hamburgers-I'm kind of mellow in spices. I did leave a comment on how I was going to change up something a little: the humble s'more. I love s'mores. I make them in the winter over my gas stove. It's the little things in life. A friend of mine had seen Nutella on Food Network and hadn't seen it in her local grocery store. I know her grocery store-it sucks. I told her that I had picked up a jar in the town I work and shop in so she could get it easily. She said they actually found it in a small store up north where her family cabin is and they decided to make s'mores with it instead of Hershey bars. I gave it a try last night and it was great!
Spread some Nutella on the graham crackers, toast up the marshmallows and squish!

Over at Diary of Foodie Fanatic, Heather was reviewing some marshmallows that are like the kind that you would make at home-big, thick and delicious. She had a link on there to the website that you can order from. Our oldest daughter who just left for college (who called with a list of things for me to send her again) loves marshmallows and devoured the tin I got her last year from Williams Sonoma, so I want to order some and send them in a care package to her. They would be fantastic in s'mores, so I may need to order some for myself too!
Here's Tofu. She had a hard day today. Took her to the vet for her follow up shots and she was not happy at all. They must have given her the first dose while she was under for her spaying. It took two assistants to hold down a 5 pound cat while the doctor stuck her! I took a bubble bath the other night and while I was filling the tub I went to get my jammies. When I came back, she is swatting at the bubbles. She is really an odd cat-but makes me laugh everyday!


Leslie said...

Ahhh of lifes finest pleasures..Try it on some Cheez-Itz. Sounds gross..but it is soooo good!

Bob said...

Mmmm, smores. Gotta love it. Heh, cats are weird.

Donna-FFW said...

Smores with nutella sounds good to me... LOVE the name Tofu!

Dawn said...

tofu? a cat named tofu? LOL!
I love it.
thank you for the shout out.
You should try using nutella in pound cake. Mmmm

Heather said...

mmmmmmm. i loooove smores. my favorite dessert! poor tofu! hope she feels better :)

A Year on the Grill said...

tofu has gotten better looking... No offense, but that was one questionable looking cat before. The words, "you must be proud" came to mind

Wandering Coyote said...

I don't know what I'd do without my cat & her ability to make me laugh about 10 times a day!