Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wine Review

When we went camping this past weekend, we didn't plan it out very well. Because of our rotating work schedule, we worked Wednesday and Thursday-didn't leave time for shopping for fresh ingredients. We picked up our daughter from school and stopped at a grocery store on the way back to the camper. We had gone earlier and set up the camper and made beds and all that good stuff. Never take a hungry Dude or a crabby Drama Queen to the grocery store at 5 PM when you have no idea what you are going to do for breakfast or what you want to grill when all your cousins show up the next day to the soggy, cold campground. But I saw my salvation, glowing at the other end of the market: Liquor Store.

Here in Minnesota you can only get 3.2 beer in stores and our liquor stores are not open on Sundays. It is an old Blue Law. If you forget to stock up during the week, you are making a run to Wisconsin if you live close enough! The liquor store was 'attached' to the market, but has a separate entrance.

We walked around and thought about what we could make to warm us up. We couldn't come up with anything so it was beer and wine. I bought another bottle of Bitch, which I had posted back in September that I had found it up in the town our daughter went to college in. I also picked up a bottle of of Sommerau Castle Sweet Red that is from Germany. I have said time and time again that I don't have high falutian taste in wine, with the exception of my favorite Rosa Regale. I like sweet wine; not a big fan of butt puckering, tannic wine. I picked up the bottle and thought it would fun to try. The Dude smelled it and said "smells like communion wine" so he passed. It is soft and silky and plummy. The notes on the back also described raspberries, but I didn't really pick that up. I had it with a hotdish-type dish I threw together. It was nice with the meal and nice on it's own. Best of all? About 8 bucks. It would be nice for a party when people are not sure if they like reds or if you know they like a sweeter wine but want to switch it up from a white.

helps if I actually attach the picture before posting!


Pam said...

We're going camping this weekend - I hope it's not too cold.

The wine sounds good. Your review had me smiling.

Lea Ann said...

We just got rid of our Blue Law in Colorado. Whew! what a relief.

A Year on the Grill said...

now that's camping I can sink my teeth into


Bob said...

Sounds good to me, I like sweet wine. And dry wine. I'm easy going. Heh.

Heather said...

glad you were able to get some hooch! sometimes it's what you need to get you through the day :)

Donna-FFW said...

I dont think I would have made it withut the booze;)