Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight snack

I have had Dude home for both our nights off this week which doesn't happen often. If he can find overtime at work, he is there pumping out the cereal. No overtime this week as most of the plant is going down next week for the holiday. Since it is our short week, we took Wednesday off as vacation and Thursday is our holiday so we have a full week off and have to use only one vacation day-score! I will be busy baking for the church bake sale and to bring treats up to our daughter. Last night I made dinner around 6 and that is pretty early for us to eat since we normally eat at work between 7:30 and 8:30. We just hung out in the house together watching TV and lounging. Tried to go to sleep around midnight and turned TV back on at 2. Caught "The Man with One Red Shoe". I love Tom Hanks, but that was a dumb movie! We had no snacks in the house, so he made a roast beef sandwich from our dinner. Tonight I had a plan for our midnight snack-smoked sausage and potatoes.
Dude stuck his beer in the photo-thought it would class it up a bit!
I just sliced up the smoked ring sausage and browned it off in the pan. Then I removed it to a plate to hold it while I fried up the potatoes. Once the spuds were brown, I added the sausage back in to warm up.
It was delightful!

Tofu was looking for some handouts. Check out her eyes-it looks like her left on is fully eye lined and her right one only has eye liner around part of it. And she doesn't have an eye booger-that is her marking by her eye. I keep trying to wipe it away for her.


A Year on the Grill said...

That looks really good... And tofu looks so much better than that first picture of her you posted

buffalodick said...

Tofu eats meat? This is classic ironic!!!

tamilyn said...

Tofu does like meat, strange huh? But she loves potato chips best. Have I mentioned she is not quite right in the head?

Donna-FFW said...

Im with the Dude, beer classes everything up!!

Monica H said...

Meat, potatoes and beer! love it.

Tofu is such a cute kitty. Our dogs eyes are fully lined and Mr. H always tells her how pretty her eye liner job is.

BTW, I so thought that was an eye booger- ha ha!

Emily said...

Ohhh man. I need some of that snack!

HoneyB said...

Looks like a yummy snack and I'm betting it went well with beer! Grumpy would do the same thing with the beer. He insisted on holding his beer for the halloween photos! lol
Tofu is such a pretty kitty! Enjoy your week off! I have to work two days next week myself. Not bad I guess. ;-)

Goldie said...

Great snack! I have a similar throw-it-together recipe with cabbage that my husband & I call "Polish Stir-Fry". :)