Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More from my NuWave oven

Let's hope I don't get in trouble for posting a picture from NuWave! I have to honestly say that I have been impressed with my oven. I have done 4 meals and a dessert in it so far. It is a counter top appliance that cooks with conduction, convection and infrared heat. I cooked one thing from a frozen state like they tell you that you can and it turned out great. I did check it with the thermometer before serving it, and it was perfect. This week I made a whole chicken stuffed with onion and lemons and sprinkled poultry seasoning on the skin. It was so juicy and moist, I couldn't believe it. I made the lemon bars for work. They required a little more work than my oven would, but it was easy to put foil on and take foil off. The co-workers said they were just as good as my regular bars. I have a roast I am going to make tomorrow so we will see how that turns out.
Have a fun weekend planned. Going Christmas shopping with my BFF from high school. We do an annual trip every November. We shop all day, treat ourselves to a nice meal and stay in a hotel. We are skipping the hotel this year due to our respective finances, but plan on starting our trip at IKEA, then going to the Mall of America for a day of shopping, food and maybe the comedy club.
We found out today that our youngest is suffering from an anxiety disorder and they have put her on some meds. I know teenage girls can be moody and lippy and bitchy (heck, I was a teenage girl once), but sometimes Drama Queen goes way off the deep end. Unfortunately for her, I suffer from it also as does her grandmother and her now deceased great-grandmother. I sought treatment but my Mom and Grandma never did. I'm not a big proponent of throwing pills at people so they feel better, but having freaked out on the freeway more than once which ended in violent crying and vomiting, I know that this will help her. Oh, and my nephew is being deployed to Kuwait in a couple weeks. Pretty soon I'll be back on the Xanex! Just a day in the life, just a day. So my header holds true-it was a bottle of Prosecco tonight!


Lea Ann said...

I think this contraption is so interesting. I've never heard of it. I wouldn't think you'd get in trouble. Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun. I don't have an IKEA anwhere near me darnit!

Debbie said...

Never heard of this kind of oven before. It sounds interesting. I live near a large mall called Potomac Mills, mostly outlet stores. I can get in lots of "trouble" going there!!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I am going to look into that oven. I bet it's way for energy efficient than heating up the one.

Enjoy your shopping trip and I hope the meds help Drama Queen. I hate throwing meds at people too.

Cheryl said...

I got my mother in law one of those for Xmas last year and she uses the hell out of it! I agree with you I have a severe anxiety issue and OCD and have been happily on meds for about 15 years now :)

noble pig said...

That little oven is so cool and if medicine helps, there is no reason to feel bad about her/you taking it. Hope she's doing better.