Friday, February 26, 2010

Where's the Beef?

No, it's not an ad of old from Wendy's. I'm not posting food today. I have been a lazy bum on my days off the last two weeks. The Olympics have been on my television a lot; we also just got DVR, so the nights I'm working I am "taping" the sports I would have missed otherwise. Next to penicillin, DVR has to be the best invention ever. I'm just saying...

I had mentioned in the last post (I think it was the last one) that I have also been working on my new scrap room. When Hermit Crab left for school Drama Queen claimed her room since there is another bathroom downstairs (that is in dire need of a rehab). I moved my scrap room from a small bedroom downstairs into Drama Queen's old room. Besides cooking and baking, scrapbooking is my favorite hobby. One of my favorite places is on the beach. I have always wanted to live on the beach-the fresh air, the waves crashing, the cool nights, the boats, the waiters bringing me Mai Tai's. Yum. Oh, wait-I'm back. So I love the beach. I wanted my new room to reflect that. I found a paint that I liked-or so I thought. Looks way too bright and not what I wanted, but it is toned down with the new sand colored carpet and all of my furniture in the room. I had a small counter top installed in my old room. I didn't want anything attached to the wall again, so we went to Ikea and I found a desk that I absolutely love. It has a glass top that sits on top of rails so it is raised from the desk portion. It has about 2 inches of storage space between the glass and the wood table it sits on. Great for pages I have in the works. I also bought a new chair and a new Shabby Chic white bookcase to go in the room. We changed out all the trim in the room for white, so it did the trick of reminding me of the beach. I'm going to start searching for some white framed art work of beaches, waves, umbrellas-something beachy!
The bookcase holds all the completed scrapbooks, page protectors, small embellishments, 12x12 paper and pictures waiting to be scraped.
The folding table holds my paper cutter, my Cricut, misc tools and underneath are all of my sticker binders, page elements I'm holding to scrap certain events, 8x11.5 paper and more misc items. The black mesh thing that looks like it is sitting on the blue three drawer file cabinet is my drink holder :)

This is my new desk. You can see how I have pages between the glass top and the wooden desk. I keep my pens in the wooden bourbon crate, a tool caddy for my rulers, scissors, regular ink pens (for jotting notes), a true colors light and framed photos of my loved ones.

This small cube holds the Cricut cartridges, my old Sizzix machine and dies, my rubber stamps and inks and some smaller albums I have in the works for gifts.
Oh, I forgot! POM sent me another 8 pack of POMWonderful juice. I'm excited as last time I didn't get to use all the bottles as it was hot when I received them and two of them smelled funky from sitting out on the stoop in the heat. There was no issue with them spoiling in this weather, so I have them loaded into the fridge and have two ideas rolling in my head.
Also, I want to give my daughter a shout out. My Hermit Crab is 19 years old today. I can't even believe it. The time went so fast and I'm feeling a little sorry for myself since this is the first birthday that we won't be together. I know her friends will make sure she has a good day.
And lastly, we went out and priced new stoves today. I have wanted a dual fuel stove for a long time and we just got our variable checks at work, so we are going to halvsies (is that a real word?) on one. However, we need to put in new counter tops as almost all of the dual fuels are a slide in option. Our old gas range is a freestanding model with the back panel that holds the clock and the oven control panel. In these, everything is on the front of the stove, so we would have a gap about 2 to 3 inches from the wall to the stove. We have been contemplating new counters for a year now, so this may the nudge we need. There is nothing 'wrong' with them, they still look pretty good for 14 years old; however, I'm way tired of the blue. I would love granite but not sure we can afford that, so we will see what happens.
Off to do more scrapping-working on Drama Queen's album. I would love to have hers done-not like I did with HC. I worked on hers up until 2 days before her party. Way too stressful. With my new room, I'm sure it will be a pleasure!


Debbie said...

I've never done scrapbooking and it does look like fun. My cousin does this and her albums are just beautiful. OMG, you are so organized! I'm not nearly as organized as you are!

A Year on the Grill said...

Such organization... My wife took over an office space to do hers... She is so far behind, it is no longer fun to make fun of her.

Monica H said...

What a cool room. I hope it's a relaxing place for you!

Happy birthday to your daughter!