Monday, May 24, 2010

Iceland III

Over Greenland

Randy was drooling over a boat-did I mention he wants to live on one?
One of my favorite house I saw up there.

Holy heatstroke! It is almost 100 degrees here today-we have set a record in MN for the hottest May 24 on record. I will cool off by remembering Iceland......

Gullfoss GeyserThare she Blows!

Amazing waterfalls!

Me and Randy on the tetonic plates

On bus tour

Still can't get over our amazing trip. I can't wait to go back again. Dude has been checking on house prices. Thinks we should relocate....


vanillasugar said...

you know, being that we lived in a lot of places relocation isn't such a bad's actually fun. life is just so short, you never know what you may find in a new place; always exciting.
i would love to visit iceland, i know the people there are very private and I LOVE that.

Monica H said...

Hey you could always blog from Iceland in that house or on a boat! That would be fun!

Debbie said...

What nice pictures! A friend of my son's went to Iceland by himself when he just turned 18 and loved it!!!