Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iceland, Part II

Ahhh, beverages. We enjoyed vast quantities of these delightful drinks while in Iceland!

Gull Beer is a local beer in Iceland. A light lager, easy drinking. Didn't enjoy it out of the can though. Had a tinny flavor.
Cosmos-not as good as in the states, but had to mix it up a bit.

Teeny, tiny bottle of Pepsi. Had this the third day-when it finally hit me that the headache I had was caffeine withdrawal! We didn't see any on-tap pop anywhere. I took this bottle home with me to go with my 16 ounce returnables I have from 1984!

Our bottle of anniversary wine. So disappointed I didn't take a pic of the label. It was a very nice Riesling.

Viking-another local beer in Iceland. Beer only became legal in 1989 in Iceland. Bars would serve non-alcoholic beer and put a shot of Vodka in it. Lawmakers finally gave in and they started their own brewery.


Robin Sue said...

What a cool trip to take. And yes we do share a birthday. Happy Birthday to you too!!

Monica H said...

I don't even drink beer and that last picture looks so refreshing!

Cheryl said...

Well Happy Anniversarry, sorry I missed it, but I am loving the photos, Iceland? LOL, sounds like you had a fun trip!