Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Booger Turns 17

17 years ago this afternoon, we brought this little one into the world. Who are we kidding-I did all the work. My water broke and we hurried into town with Hermit Crab and our dog and dropped them off with our friends. Went to the hospital.....and waited....and waited....and waited some more. Seems like she was being a little stubborn (should have been a sign of things to come) and they gave me meds to sleep and gave me the evil pitosin in the morning. 4 hours later she came screaming into the world.

She still screams, but now with bad words and hand gestures. Makes a momma proud.

We took her to one of our favorite restaurants, Rudy's Redeye Grill. The food is always wonderful and service has always been great.

My marinated sirloin-no fat, every little morsel was edible.

Boog got the pulled turkey with smashed spuds. It is a little washed out due to the flash in the dark interior, but holy moly rocky, there was a good two pounds of pulled turkey on her plate. A pound and a half came home with us. I didn't get a picture of her cake, but they brought her out a little warm chocolate cake with real whipped cream and a strawberry sauce. It was good, but really sweet. I love the look on her face, like "oh my gosh, how am I going to eat all this?"

Booger and Dude.
Speaking of Dude, we ended up in the emergency room this morning at 3:00 AM. He was out working on our 'new' old boat and it is sitting on it's trailer so it is a good 3 feet off the ground from the back deck of the boat. He had his step stool set up at the back of the boat so he could go in and out of it while he is working on it. He stepped up to get his scissors from the inside of the boat and the stool tipped sideways, sending him to the floor. He fell to his right and put his hand down to break his fall. And ended up breaking his wrist. He comes into the bedroom where I am watching Cold Case and waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in. Asks "whatcha doing" to which I glance over at him and give him the eyebrow. Then he sits on the bed and I realize he is shaking and breathing oddly and he says "I think I just broke my arm" just like "I think the milk has gone bad". I jump out of bed and start putting clothes on telling him let's go and he wanted to take a shower since he was sweaty and full of epoxy and grease. Got him into some jammy pants and a t-shirt and took off. I think he was in a bit of shock since he never shut up....all the way to the hospital. Dude doesn't talk much-I talk too much. 15 miles to the hospital-never shut up. He broke it in two places but it was a clean break. They put a splint on him and told us to call the orthopedic clinic when it opened to make an appointment to go in and have them review his X-ray and cast it. And all he could think of was it was going to mess with his overtime days he had scheduled. He can't work in the plant with a cast-just like when I was on light duty when I had mine. If they can't find something for him to do-with him being right handed, it may be difficult-he may have to do short term disability. Which really sucks for a paycheck, especially since HC just went back to school and we wrote a big check for expenses and property taxes are due in 4 weeks. But, then I think-it could have been so much worse. He could have hit his head, and I wouldn't have found him until morning since he often works through the night out there due to our work schedule. So we eat ramen and live on the pasta and hamburger in the freezer-it most certainly won't kill us. But considering the jokes he made about my arm, he may have to be teased a little, just because I luv him so much. And I will make up good stories to tell at work about what he did, while he isn't there to defend himself.......
It is the little things, really, that make life so grand.

this should have been posted on Sept 7, but while taking care of the gimp (hee hee) and other stuff, I didn't finish until 12:30 on the 8th. Not a big deal, but in case Drama Queen finds this, I need all details to be in order :)


Bob said...

Whew, what a mixed bag you've had. Heh. Well, happy birthday to one and well wishes to the other. :)

Pam said...

Happy birthday to your daughter - her turkey dinner looked amazing!

I am sorry for your husband but you are right, it could have been much worse. Hope he feels better soon.

Cheryl said...

Your baby is gorgeous, she looks like a sweetie. Sorry bout the Dude's wrist, that sucks. I have never broken anything and I hope to keep it that way :)

Monica H said...

It never fails, you always crack me up. I think I laughed out loud at least 3 times in this post. Gimp! ha ha!

In all seriousness, I'm glad Dude is okay and didn't injur himself any further. Because he's going to live, you can tease the heck out of him :-)

Happy birthday to DQ- looks like she had a great birthday meal!

Debbie said...

Such nice pics and it looks like you all had a nice time! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon!