Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick Dinner for Dude

Sometimes you just need to fill the belly of your hubby fast. I had met my BFF for a matinee movie and an early dinner one afternoon this week. Drama Queen said she was going to a friend's house after work to eat and Dude said he would pick up a burger in town since I wouldn't be home to cook (do you see how spoiled they have become in just 10 days of me being home!?). I got home around 8:30 as Dude was coming in from the shop and asked what I could make him fast since he was starving. Ummm, didn't you tell me you were stopping for a burger? Guess that didn't happen. While perusing the fridge he found some spuds and some smoked sausage and eggs.

"Here" he goes and puts all the stuff on the cutting board. The spuds had seen better days, so I found my mandolin and thinly sliced up a new potato, browned them in some oil and butter, tossed in the sausage all sliced up in small rounds to get all nice and crusty. He took a shower then came and scrambled up the eggs for me and poured them in. I stirred until barely set and then he threw in a handful of cheese, slid it out of the pan and onto his plate.

I walk back into my scrapbook room to see what I had missed on Facebook and he walks in with my camera. I raise the eyebrow at him and he said "well, you might want to blog this" and walks out.

And all that time in the past he gave me crap for taking photos-he secretly likes it. He doesn't fool me.


Monica H said...

Ah, they love it! And I think that's really quite sweet of him. That brinner (breakfast/dinner) sounds delish!

velva said...

I was smiling reading this post. Looks like an easy, hearty meal that was put together quickly. You can't go wrong with potatoes, eggs and sausage. Love it.

All of our husbands secretly like our blogs. :-)

The Captain's Daughter said...

So cute!

It's funny (and a good thing!) how quickly they can be trained. It didn't take long for my hubby to ask if I needed to photograph his plate before taking it out of the kitchen.

Great, quick meal too! My mother used to scramble up eggs with ham and cheese when we were kids and my dad was out in the field/wouldn't be home for dinner. We loved having breakfast for dinner!

Cheryl said...

Now that is a good man!

Hungry Dog said...

This is the cutest! That is a man in love. And why wouldn't he be? You're a catch!:)

tamilyn said...

LOL, thanks HD. His friends always tell him I'm too good for him. But, he is a pretty good catch himself!