Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love a good party

To celebrate Fall, Dude and I had a small gathering of friends last night. And a boat load of food. Tami has the mindset of "Go Big or Go Home" when it comes to entertaining. No one is leaving my home with the slightest amount of room left in their tummies.

I had a Sous Chef helping yesterday. E is the son of one of our friends. He learned to cook with his Dad when he was but a wee lad.  He came over to help me get ready for the Fall Frolic; he chopped, diced, mixed, sliced and baked.  It was a very fun day.

We made several recipes that are already posted on my blog-the Ham and cheese glazed sammies, the Spring ring salad, garlic cheese stuffed bread-but we made a couple of new things and some improved things.

Here are a few photos of our fun night.  Recipes will follow in the next couple of days, including one from E. He made an awesome breakfast-one I can't wait to try!

The wine and cocktail bar is ready

I love baby pumpkins

I even made him help me prep the decorations

E and I with some of our dishes

Glazed ham and cheese sammies

2 Corn casserole-is it awesome

Slightly spicy salsa

empty wine glasses

Thank you to my wonderful friends who came and made this night so special.  You all rock!

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Canvas prints guy said...

The pictures of the aftermath alone show how great the night was! And you had some wonderful kitchen help :)