Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First *Real* Snow of season

A Junco in the feeder
Snow on the cedar tree

One last pansy holding on (look at the sparkly snow!)

Dude loves giraffes-I bought him, but I think he looks like a horse

Put up some lights today


Bob said...

We just got our first real snow on Saturday. While we were moving. Isn't life grand?

Heh, I like giraffes too. They're so funny looking!

HoneyB said...

We got our real snow yesterday - and it snowed all day long. I think its here to stay. We are going to have snow all week!

justjoycee said...

Love your pics. Maybe some day I will see snow! It looks just beautiful.

A Year on the Grill said...

love the pics, cold and snowy here today too... maybe 4 inches

buffalodick said...

We are getting the start of a winter storm that could leave another 10 inches..

Monica H said...

We got about 5 whole flurries last Friday but then the sun came out :-(

Today is much colder but still sunny so no snow. We may get some ice though. bummer.

Brad said...

Thanks for the pics. Think I;m getting the same snow.