Thursday, December 31, 2009

French Dinner for French Class

I had mentioned in mid-December that I was going to accompany my youngest daughter Drama Queen to a dinner with her French class. Now a question: have you ever had to ride on a school bus with 30 loud, obnoxious, squealing teenager during rush hour when you suffer from a little bit of anxiety? AND you cannot have a cocktail until you have ridden said bus (with those same teenagers) back to school and drive the 20 miles to your own home and pop the cork on the wine?

Thank goodness the food was good.

I'm a little disappointed as I don't have the names of the dishes. I asked the woman in charge of our group (78 total) but she said it is a special dinner they only put on for French classes coming in for their field trips. DQ had the menu but it was on the back of the permission slip that she needed to turn back in. It was $25 a person-probably wasted a bit on DQ, but I enjoyed almost all of it.

Chez Daniel

Here are Drama Queen and myself

This is the first time I had ever tried French Onion soup. Very good, a little salty

Starting on the upper left was the potato dish. I was really disappointed in this. I love potatoes-all forms except potato salad. I think it had fennel and dill in it-not a fan of either and those flavors overpowered the dish. Next to that is the chicken. It was good, but it was chicken. It had a creamy sauce over it. There is the baguette, then the beef dish. This was awesome. It was bite size pieces in a sauce with wine, onions and mushrooms. I hate mushroom and picked them out, but this beef melted in your mouth and I could pick them out. Then the salad. It was good, but again it was leaves of different types of lettuce. My daughter found it quite funny that they didn't have French a French restaurant. Then she found out that they don't really have that type of dressing there, they use more of a vinaigrette. French is the only type that she likes.

This one got a little bright. It was some type of pastry shell that was stuffed with ice cream and covered with chocolate sauce on one side and strawberry sauce on the other. It was frozen solid. The pastry shells were hard as bricks even after letting them sit awhile and were flavorless. I hate strawberries (unless it is in my cocktail) and ice cream and tried to scrape it off. Didn't work, so only ate the chocolate side. I was hoping for something a little more from the dessert.
All in all it was a nice dinner and some place I would have never had the chance to visit since my Dude stays out of the Twin Cities as much as he can and he would never go for a restaurant like this.

And the wine was awfully darn good once I got it in my belly.


A Year on the Grill said...

All that travel and supervising sober... I feel for you.

Interesting meal, but it seems like they would go to more of an effort to explain the dishes to get the idea of what makes French cooking different than French fires...

Oh well, a good tie was had by all is what is important

Vodka Mom said...

Oh my GOD that made me hungry! There is nothing like French Onion Soup!!
Happy New Year my friend!! oxoxoxo

buffalodick said...

Where's Julia yelling a shrill "Bon Appetit" when you need her? Happy New Year!

Lea Ann said...

Make a note to yourself for next time: "Pocket Flask for Bus Ride"

What a fun evening. Great photo of you and your daughter. Too bad they had to go and mess with those potatoes.

Bon Appetit! :-)

Bob said...

Glad it wasn't a complete disaster, that's always a plus. ;)