Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whatcha get?

So, what did everyone get for Christmas/Hanukkah gifts? I only read about what Emily at Sugar Plum got and we got the same gift. What about the rest of you?

This is what I did with both my gifts

Any ideas?

I got a Canon Macro lens.........

and a deshadow box. Neither came with instructions. Well the lens had a small sheet included in the box, but I need "Camera Instructions for Dummies"

My eldest daughter and I went to a couple antique shops yesterday. I was looking for Pyrex, but my favorite shop in town (that had a lot of Pyrex) closed. The other shop didn't have much and the stuff they had wasn't in any pattern I was interested in. But I have mentioned how I love cookbooks. I especially love ones from the 50's and 60's. This one was published in 1964, a couple years before I was born. It was in really good shape and only $1.75, so I had to take it home.

Here is the yellow bowl I bought at the Cooks on Crocus Hill shop I showed on my post about Whole Foods. It is small-maybe holds 2 cups. I really have no plan for it. I just loved the color and the shape.
My daughter's bought me the "Julie and Julia" DVD, so I watched that the other night. I just love that movie. It made me laugh, made me wipe away a few tears and has been making me sing "Lobsta Killa" around the kitchen.
So, I would love to hear what you got.
And who is making resolutions?


Donna-FFW said...

No resolutions for me. I always break them. Sounds like u got lovely gifts. Happy New Year to you!!

A Year on the Grill said...

I got a fancy planter to start an herb garden

a cast iron skillet

a cast iron dutch oven

and a rolling pin!!!

Monica H said...

Nice loot!

I got a bundt pan, an autumn wreath pan, some pyrex bowl with lids, a silicone rolling pin, Julie and Julia DVD and book, a cookbook and a purse. Oh and another KitchenAid mixing bowl- woo hoo!

Happy new year!

Hungry Dog said...

Nice gifts! I loved "Julie and Julia"-esp the parts set in Paris.

As for christmas, I got two lovely pairs of earrings, a bracelet, a sweater, some perfume, and "The Sweet Life in Paris," which I am racing through. Happy new year!