Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enchiladas for my Chica

One of Drama Queen's good friends is Latino, and every time Boog goes to her house, her Mom makes Chicken Enchilada's. Now, DQ is a picky eater (I have NO idea where she gets that from) but she likes to frequent their house and devour these. She orders them whenever we go out, sans the beans. I had a casserole about 7 years ago at a scrapbooking retreat that were very good. DQ said that M's mom makes hers in a casserole also. I put this together based on her observations and what I remember from the retreat.
Boog's Chicken Enchilada Casserole
2 poached chicken breasts, shredded
1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup Monterrey Jack cheese
1 can mild enchilada sauce
2 cups Mexican blend cheese
garlic salt
onion salt
Goya seasoning blend
seasoned salt
flour tortillas
After poaching breasts in chicken stock, remove and cool. Shred with two forks. Pour can of soup into saucepan. Stir in sour cream and chicken, a good sprinkle of garlic salt, onion salt, a small packet of Goya seasoning and a good sprinkle of seasoned salt. Heat through and stir in Monterrey Jack cheese to melt. Remove from heat. Spray a 9x13 glass dish with Pam. Put two heaping tablespoons of chicken mixture in middle of each tortilla. Fold two edges over, then roll up so all filling is covered by the tortilla. Put each tortilla in pan seam side down. Spoon any remaining chicken filling over tops of tortillas. Pour enchilada sauce over all the enchiladas, making sure to cover sides so they don't get too crispy. Cover with the Mexican blend cheese and bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Let sit for about 10 minutes to set up before serving.
It was very good. I ate one and a half and saved some for Dude for his work lunch for tomorrow.
Off to read a book. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Vodka Mom said...

oh sweet jesus, now I"m HUNGRY!!!!

I am making this tomorrow night.

I am not kidding.

A Year on the Grill said...

a winner indeed... love the recipe

sounds as close as I remember from Mexican nights at restaurants (but they cam with 75 cent margaritas )

Debbie said...


Lea Ann said...

I love chicken enchaladas and these look fabulous. Great photos, made me hungry!

Debbie said...

This is my kind of dish. I have made enchiladas but never used cream of chicken soup....Think I will try these....

Hungry Dog said...

Yum! Sounds great and those photos are fab!

Bob said...

My mom used to make enchiladas all the time, she had half a dozen recipes or so for them. She did one like this and it was wicked good, I bet this one is wicked good too!

Grumpy & HoneyB said...

I so much love enchiladas!! Lucky chica!

Monica H said...

My husband loves all thing enchilada so we'll have to try this!

grace said...

this is a surefire hit at any potluck or any table period! i'm pretty picky when it comes to mexican-type foods, but this sounds perfect to me, and bonus--it's so easy! :)