Friday, March 26, 2010

A quick update

Hi everyone, just a quick update. Still not digging my cast-can you believe it? More pity parties for myself than I care to count. I think it is the whole "I can't get comfortable in any position" that is making me so cranky. I did get out all last weekend, which I enjoyed, but by the end of the nights, my arm was throbbing and I just wanted some morphine.

Friday night I met a bunch of my "Alum Chums"-people I went to high school with that didn't hang out together really back then, but we all kind of reconnected on Facebook. Three of them had birthdays in the beginning of March, so we had a party at a bar in our old stomping ground-7 houses down from where I grew up. Let's just say the neighborhood has changed...and not for the better. Guys were escorting us to the cars.

At the Cherry Pit

Saturday night, Dude and I went to dinner with friends we haven't seen since Hermit Crab's grad party. They had found a restaurant that they really liked in Red Wing called Smoking Oak. It has a giant rotisserie right when you walk in the door. Chicken, ribs, pork roasts, beef roasts.
It was fabulous! I forgot my camera, but I had a pulled pork sandwich that was incredible, Dude had a Prime rib dip and our friends both had the beef brisket sandwich. If any of you find yourselves in Red Wing, try this place-you won't regret it!

Sunday was really busy. A high school friend lost everything in a fire at the beginning of March. Unfortunately, her neighbor lost her life. One of the Alum Chums organized a benefit fundraiser at another local bar in our old neighborhood (safer!). The bar owner donated space and appys and a meat raffle and the friends donated goods for a silent auction. I won a pair of cute weinie roasting sticks....that look like men.....guess where you put the hotdog...yup! I had seen something like them on line and one of the guys from school makes them.

At Obb's. Krissy (with drink) organized the benefit-she rocks

After I left the benefit, I headed to Woodbury to meet some of my oldest (read: friends I have had the longest, not age related-in case they read this!)

We haven't been together, all 4 of us, in about 6 years. We are hoping that now that our kids are teenagers, we will have more time to meet. The girl sitting next to me is Lori. We have known each other since Kindergarten. Kim is across from her and we met in 7th grade. In peach is my BFF Liz. We met in 10th grade and have been best buds since. Well, actually we were not "buds" at first-we were both close to a third girl and 'competed' for time with Coleen. When Coleen moved away, we both felt really sad and commiserated with each other. Besties since then!

I've been on light duty at work. I can't go in the plant with my cast so I am in the office doing small projects for different people. It is nice that I can work four 10 hour days during the day. Makes it easier to sleep when Dude isn't there-keep running unto him with my arm.

I've been visiting every one's blogs but haven't left many comments as it is hard to type a lot with the one hand. I have had to take 3 breaks while typing this since it makes my right arm hurt because of the weird position, but I am staying caught up with you, I promise!

I have a baby shower tonight for someone I used to work with at the bank. It will be nice to see everyone again.


Bob said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! It's good that you're getting out, if you were just sitting around it would be much harder, I would think.

Debbie said...

Glad to hear you are up and about. So much better to be out even if you don't feel that great. Looks like you've been having fun!!!

A Year on the Grill said...

I feel so bad for ya...

But the reunion stuff sounds fun!

Leslie said...

You put a bracelet around the cast! Now that is funny.
I am glad(despite the pain) you had a great time

Monica H said...

I'm glad you were able to catch up with friends.

Weiner roaster- how funny. I want to see it! ha ha!

I hope you find comfort soon.