Monday, April 13, 2009

100th post

Wow, where did that time go? Seems like just yesterday I decided to check out the blogging world after I followed a link after looking for a recipe on how to use cube steak. Now I'm blogging a few times a week or more, reading all these funny, well written, thought inducing blogs by all you funny, smart, sexy (yes Donna-that's for you!) people. In keeping with the traditions I've seen, I'm going to try and find one hundred things about me. Feel free to fall asleep by number 18.....

1-I have never had a ticket-speeding, DUI, parking-nothing.
2-I have a girl crush on Rachael Ray
3-My real name is Tami. Lyn is my middle name-I use it as one word as my first choice was taken on Blogger
4-I love the smell of Palmolive dish soap so that is why I use it
5-I never eat the ends of my french fries
6-I got the tip of my 'naughty' finger on my right hand cut off as a child-my sister accidentally slammed a door while I was learning to walk
7-I have often hid purchases from my hubby and try and pass off as having had them for a long time. If it involves a purse, he knows my tricks. I can usually pass off a shirt or pants.
8-I had braces for 4-1/2 years
9-I want to see Sweden and Norway before I die to check out my heritage.
10-I have my Dad's toes, except for my baby toes-those are little squished ones like my Mom's
11-I almost failed Algebra in 9th grade because I was in love with a boy named Chris
12-I love the smell of Bondo (body filler for cars), black jumbo Sharpies and fresh baked bread
13-I spent 5 hours setting up my Facebook account. My first one got hacked into and hosed up
14-I have a scar on my face from when my sister and cousin swung me in a sheet and I fell out and landed on the bed rail (same sister as the finger-hmmmmm, a pattern is forming)
15-I have always wanted to sing for a living. After being in choir for all my life, we were recorded at a concert where I had a duet. I can't carry a tune and I don't know why Mr. Hamilton let me sing. I quit choir the next year.
16-I have had a crush on Tom Cruise, Jon Bon Jovi, Donny Osmond and Rick Springfield since I was a young girl/teenager. Still hot for them.....
17-I ripped a pair of jeans climbing over a fence at my first kegger at 15-told my Dad a doozy of a lie, but I think he believed me, since I was a good girl. A brat and mouthy, but a good kid
18-I watch the Sound of Music every year and sing along with all the songs, except climb every mountain, cuz that sister can't sing!
19-I didn't get to drive until after I turned 18 since my Dad has several DUI's and no one would insure him if I drove
20-My husband and I are exactly 9 months to the day apart. I told him that when he was born, God created me for him!
21-I'm really vain about my hair color-those damn greys keep coming and tick me off. I pluck 'em
22-My first true love was Mike. I found out many years later that he was gay and I was the 'test' girl to see if he was or wasn't. That made me sad, but he told me that it was a good thing as I was the one who made him question it. And he is the one I was ready to give my 'virtue' to. God I hope my Dad doesn't read this post-it wasn't him Dad, it was Chris a couple years later.
23-My favorite place to be is next to a campfire, or on my deck with a cocktail listening to the birds.
24-I cried when Princess Diana died
25-I wanted to marry Chachie from Happy Days
26-I just listened to Don Williams on my Ipod
27-I have seen over 100 concerts
28-I have an irrational fear that I will fall and lose my front teeth
29-I'm afraid of the dark
30-My hubby and I sleep with 6 stuffed animals-plus we have a 4 foot stuffed giraffe in our room
31-My husband spoils me. Every piece of jewelry I have ever expressed interest in, he bought. Up until 5 years ago. He thinks I have run out of place on my body to wear it all :)
32-We had a huge tom turkey in our yard today
33-I often dream about snakes-and I'm afraid of them too
34-I have ridden in the back of a squad car-my friend's sister dated him and he drove us to school one day-you should have seen the faces of our friends
35-I didn't learn the Lord's Prayer until I was 22
36-I have picked out songs I want sung at my funeral (dark and disturbing I know, but they are my favorite hymns!)
37-I was one week late giving birth to each of my girls
38-One of my favorite snacks is a spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of chocolate milk
39-This is really fricken hard
40-I got really drunk once and sang karaoke-bad, bad idea. My poor sisters and niece
41-My brother (and Dad) were very disappointed I was a girl. Think that is why I am a tomboy and was always closer to guy friends than girls growing up
42-I am a clearance sale junkie
43-I hate to go barefoot
44-I want a screened porch more than anything
45-I'm scared to death to let our daughter go to college-what if she doesn't miss me?
46-I hate to drive a stick shift
47-The sheriff was at our house today-it is a surprise I'm still sober
48-I have some strange retention abilities. Freaks my husband out-he thinks I'm lying half the time
49-I love to dance, but my hubby would rather stick a sharp object in his eye. I have to wait for weddings or a rare night out with girlfriends that involve a bar and a dance floor
50-I'm half done and I've been at this for 40 minutes
51-I hit a squirrel once and cried all the way to work
52-I seriously thought about joining the service when I was 20
53-I cry every time Goose dies in Top Gun
54-I also cry every time I watch Dr. Greene die on ER (that Anthony Edwards is a tear jerker for me)
55-I won't illegally download music to my Ipod because I'm afraid I'll go to jail
56-I love to host parties as it gets me motivated to clean my house
57-I was never going to have kids. After today, maybe should have stuck with that idea
58-I don't believe in Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster
59-I hate Charmin toilet paper
60-I could eat mashed potatoes just about every day
61-I swear like a truck driving sailor
62-My hubby can almost make me vomit when he makes barfing sounds-does it on purpose
63-I snore-a lot
64-I had Lasik surgery 6 years ago-shouldn't have waited so long
65-I have asthma
66-I loved to TP houses when I was young
67-I miss my cat every day
68-I like to watch tractors in the field
69-I love to watch reruns of Friends, Little House on the Prairie and Green Acres
70-Watermelon in one of my favorite fruits-and gives me horrible indigestion
71-I have short eyelashes and mascara doesn't help
72-I have a sick sense of humor-some people just don't get me
73-I have the complete series of betsy/Tacy/Tib books and have read them over and over. Most recently was about 2 years ago. Because of that series, I developed a love for reading. I learned the Dewey Decimal system to be a helper in the library so I would know when they came back in
74-I'm afraid of heights-and have to crawl up ladders every day at work
75-I took my youngest daughter to Graceland-she loves Elvis
76-I'm not really tall-5'7", but over on half of my height is legs-they are unusually long
77-I have flat feet
78-I've lost all readers by now
79-I have to keep all my bills in currency order, facing forward and all right side up
80-I grew up in a house with no shower-i only took baths and washed my hair in the kitchen sink. We didn't have air either-Dad got both when I moved out-hmmmmm
81-I didn't like pizza until I was a teenager
82-I didn't fly on an airplane 9or anything else) until I was 15
83-I didn't see Disney World until I was 15...see #82
84-I still know the words to my high school school song
85-I have an obsession with cows
86-I want to buy my hubby some chaps-I think I mentioned how HOT he looked in them in our picture
87-I hate the song "Hotel California"
88-I almost got a tattoo when I turned 40-shhh, my hubby doesn't know
89-I want to take a train trip through Canada
90-I can't watch scuba diving on TV-I'm claustrophobic and I can't breath watching it. I also have a hard time watching penguins swimming under the ice-like on Discovery specials
91-I want to ride in a NASCAR car
92-I have the hots for race car drivers-vroom vroom baby
93-My left ear is smooshed in at the top
94-I never tried to buy alcohol before I was of age
95-I love game shows, especially Family Feud, Password, and Pyramid
96-I crack my knuckles
97-I still love to watch my kids while they sleep
98-I'm very competitive, but pretend not to be
99-I hate ice cream
100-I can belch like a man

Okay, that was crazy and I will never do that again!


Donna-FFW said...

You are funny.. this is freakin hard, I loved all the facts Tamilyn, now I feel I really know you and I want to be your bestest pal. Congrats on your 100th!

tamilyn said...

Can we be BFF's now?

Katherine Aucoin said...

Congrats onf you 100th post!

I loved reading the 100 things about you. I feel like I know you so much better. We should hang out!

Dawn said...

hate ice cream? Ohh nooooo
congrats on 100! I wonder what I'm up too?

Heather said...


i love bon jovi and the scent of sharpie markers, too.

congrats on the 100th post!

Bob said...

Congratz on your 100th! Heh, that's quite a list. I'm totally with you on mashed potatoes, they are the best. I could eat them every day too. :)

Debbie said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I too hate the song "Hotel California." I really enjoyed reading all your 100 facts...thanks.

Claudia said...

Congrats on your 100th post - I love these fun,random things. I didn't drive till I was 35. Still wish I never learned.

noble pig said...

Congrats on 100...I could never think of 100 things.