Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank yous and Awards

I had some lovely ladies bestow some awards to me and I am honored and delighted. From Donna at I received the Friends award, and from Spryte at and Katherine at I received the Sisterhood award, and from Lettergirl over at I received the Kreativ Blogger award. I know you already check them out, as I see a lot of you on each other's sites. We are a funny bunch, doncha think? People at work just look at me like I landed from Mars and say "You take pictures of food, put it on the Internet and look at other people's websites who do the same?" Heck yeah! These people get me; they understand that it is a creative outlet and we all have a love for a common theme. What isn't to get?

Two things:

1) I have tried to get just the names of the blogs to work doing that link button thing, and it won't work. I have just typed in the name of the blog after right clicking on the person's site and renaming it, but when I go in after my post is posted and click on it, it goes to an error page. The only time I seem to get it to work is if I use the whole addy. If anyone can give me simplistic answers on how to do it, I'm all ears. For as much computer work I used to do, it was all program based that was written my the business I worked for.

2) I know I am suppose to name 8 people and link to them. I love all of you; I can't pick and choose, so for all of you, I want you to take these awards back to your sites from me.

Have a happy April Fools day and I hope you don't get tricked too badly. But really, the awards are no trick-really, please post them on your sites :)


Katherine Aucoin said...

You totally deserve all of the awards Tamilyn!

Ali said...


Pam said...

Congrats on your awards.

Bob said...

Congratz on your awards! Have you tried using href tags to do links? Here is a place that shows you how to use them, if you haven't tried.

Claudia said...

COngrats on the awards. I had to visit - as I am a transplant to the Twin Cities (for over 20 years now) from NYC and I do think of the Cities as "small."

Debbie said...

Congrats on the awards! I have the same problem with blogger at times. I will put in the name of the blog on the hyperlink and when I check to make sure it is linked, blogger brings me to a page that it doesn't exist. I've noticed that you have to make sure blogger puts in the http....sometimes it will vanish...hope this helps...I still get confused with it all!!!!