Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBQ and Berries

Tuesday was another spent running errands and trying to get stuff done. I accomplished only 4 things on my list of 100! I went and got the party announcements made for Hermit Crab's grad party, dropped some clothes off with my cousin for his younger girls, went to the grocery store and did some dishes. Not all the dishes, but almost all-had a few things left over since errand time overlapped with dish time!

We decided to grill some chicken and spuds and I found some very nice strawberries to serve with angel food cake. I found a new marinade to try with the chicken. It had nice flavor; however the fire was way too hot! I had Dude add some more charcoal before I started grilling since the amount that was in there wouldn't cook the chicken and the spuds. I don't think we realized that adding 15 more briquettes would result in a 500 degree change. We had blackened chicken.....and spuds....a 'slightly' blackened cibatta bread. It was still good, but no one ate the skin this evening!

For dessert, I sliced up several berries, covered them with sugar, let set for awhile and mashed up. Sprinkled a little more sugar and put them in the fridge until time for dessert. Which was at 2:00 this morning! He was working in the shop and I was harvesting crops on Farm Town on Facebook. I'm in need of an intervention.

Since there really isn't a recipe for what I did, I will just show the photos.
I will also ask a favor today. A year ago today our best friend was involved in an accident. Another person died and our friend has been struggling a lot. He has good days and bad days, but bad have out numbered the good. He took the day off work today to spend with his family. If you could just say a little prayer for him for his burden to lifted and for him to have more good days than bad, I would appreciate it. He is an upstanding man and I'm proud to call him my friend.
Have a terrific day. We are on for 2 days now, so I'll be back this weekend with garden updates and more food.


Spryte said...

I'm addicted to my facebook farm too!

Dawn said...

love this time of year for GIANT strawberries...they are the best.
my heart goes out to your friend.

Heather said...

mm. strawberries and angel food cake. yum!

and i will certainly keep your friend in my thoughts. what an immensely difficult struggle.

Donna-FFW said...

I think the angel food cake and strawberries are a perfect match. Sending good thoughts to your friend..

noble pig said...

Well the burnt skin probably saved you a ton of calories. Sending good thoughts to your friend.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Everything looks wonderful. I dunno, something about the outside being burnt and crisp. Theose strawberries are awesome. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.