Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everyone still out there?

Just checking in with everyone. Busy, busy week. Worked three in a row and now have plans everyday for my weekend off. Today I picked up the plates, napkins and table cloths for our daughter's grad party and got a frame she liked to have people sign-it has a thick mat for autographing. Need to get to the printer to get the invites made and little decorative touches done. Got the M & M's delivered today-holy cow, $60 for four little bags. Will have to find something else fun for Drama Queens party! Picked up the matching t-shirts I had made for Hermit Crab and I for the concert tomorrow night. Tonight it was dinner and a movie with my BFF Liz from high school. We dined at Outback, had a nice little steak, some uber-calorie laden french fries with cheese and bacon and two loaves of bread. Skipped cocktails and dessert so we could have junk food at the movie. We saw "Sunshine Cleaners" about two sisters who decide to be crime scene cleaner-uppers. I love Amy Adams, but this was not a happy/funny movie. But Steve Zahn was in it and I LOVE HIM!! He is from MN-and we got to see a good portion of his body. I didn't need to see his butt, but his nice 6 pack was pretty nice! Tomorrow I am baking a version of the Chocolate turtle cheesecake I made 2 weeks ago. I'm going to try using a graham cracker crust this time and use prepared caramel sauce for it. Mine shifted so much, so I'm sure I had the consistency wrong. I also need to make deviled eggs. Tomorrow night is concert night for my and my oldest. Way excited! Sunday is movie night (now day as poor Megan had a conflicting family event) so I'm bringing the cheesecake and eggs over there. I have to get back to cooking as I have some recipes I want to try. Tonight before the movie, we stopped at a green house and bought some seeds and I found a small recipe book that is called "Pie Iron Cooking". Those are the heavy metal devices you can cook things over a campfire with. I have the set my parents had when we went camping back in the 70's. I bought a new double square one too to make two sandwiches at once. For some reason we called them "Poochie Pie" makers-don't know where that came from. Will have to stick that in the camper and take the camera on the road when we camp. Have been having issues with our youngest. Dude and I are wondering if we could sell her to the circus? Oi vay.

I'll be back soon with some new stuff, plus some family favorites.

Peace out, my friends


Donna-FFW said...

Hi Tamilyn. Gosh youve been one busylady. Sending you some enrgey wishes. Looking forward to your recipes as always.. when you have time to return. Sounds like the makings of a great party! Lucky daughter.

Bob said...

Go you! All kinds of stuff going on. Have fun. :)

Heather said...

glad to hear you're doing well and that you had a yummy outback dinner!