Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ah the joys of summer

It is such a nice night in Minnesota, I have to head back outside. Busy, busy here. Been making trips to Target and Kohl's getting Hermit Crab outfitted for college. Been busy playing with the cat we are not suppose to have-as he is sitting on my lap trying to type for me. Busy in the garden with the produce starting to come in. Busy working overtime trying to pay for the first part of this post! We bought a new car that should be here next week, having a major closet cleaning event and dealing with a family member who was just diagnosed with cancer. It sounds like they got it in time so we are thankful that our prayers were answered but know that she has a long road in front of her. So there hasn't been a lot of cooking here. I did make rhubarb bars for Josh when he was back at work but realized that I didn't take pictures before we left. They looked like hell, but everyone said they were good. I have zucchini bars on tap for tomorrow night, so will definitately post those. Going on a day trip with our friends who have a boat, and am so looking forward to snacking, drinking and laughing all day with Dave and Roxanne. Just finished my tossed salad and glass of Gurwertztraminer. Think I will go pick some fresh peas and green beans to bring to my Mom when I go to Wisconsin to see her tomorrow.

Peace out my blogginb buddies!


Donna-FFW said...

Gosh you have so much going on.. Hope you have fun on your day trip tomorrow.Please toss back a few for your bloggy friend me.

noble pig said...

How exciting to be heading off to college, yes expensive for you but oh to be young with the world ahead of you....nice.

Bob said...

Busy lady! Hope everything goes well. :)