Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day with Mom

I spent a nice day with my Mom today. Her birthday was on the 2nd, so I went and picked her up and brought her to the craft store and let her do some shopping on me for her gift and then took her to lunch. Hmmm. Eating out with my Mom can raise some issues. I wanted to take her to the Bungalow which has good food but she said it was too fancy and too expensive. No Mom, it isn't fancy and I wanted some good food. Again she said no and said "Let's go to Wendy's". Are you kidding me? Wendy's? Um, no. I also said no to Culver's and Applebee's. I finally told her that I wanted to go to the sport's bar. Not that I'm a fan of sports bars, but wanted a decent meal if I couldn't have the meal I had planned on. I had an awesome Cuban sandwich (sans the pickles-I don't do pickles). It had a nice mound of bbq shredded pork on top of some nice, thick sliced ham and melty Swiss. All squished and melty yumness. Mom had a overdone hockey puck of a hamburger. She is afraid if it isn't cooked to 300 degrees internally she will get e.coli. And she is on the verge of diabetes. And she complains if anything costs over a buck ninety five. I try to explain that she doesn't live in 1982 anymore so please don't complain about prices because it ruins my lunch. I was treating so stop being a killjoy. Ahem. I don't have photos since my camera phone app still isn't transferring on-line, but just picture a sandwich that was about 3 inches thick after being flattened and fried on the flat top. It was sooooo good.

I'm waiting for Hermit Crab to be done in my kitchen so I can make my zucchini bars and some meatloaf.

I think I need a cocktail while I wait......


Bob said...

Mmmm, meatloaf. Heh, my girlfriends mom is the same way. She gets very upset if my girlfriend wants to get something that isn't the cheapest there is. Overcooks everything too... hey, your mom isn't from Paris is she? ;)

tamilyn said...

No, Karen was born in Iowa and lived in MN. No Paris for her. She lives on disability so she has to account for every cent, but she knows that I like to treat her when I can since we don't see a lot of each other. Ah, mothers. I'm sure my kids will talk the same about me :)