Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Look, twice in one day! After spending 4 hours running around for my swollen, zombie-like child I came home and putzed in the garden. Apparently I didn't inform my family who didn't go with to the lake that I needed them to water while I was gone for about 56 hours. Half my plants are dead and my peas look pathetic. Sigh. But I did get a few veggies out of the garden-some peas, a couple zucchini and a pepper.
One of our co-workers is in North Carolina training people at our new plant. He just called and requested I bring dessert in tomorrow as he is home for a few days and picking up shifts at our plant. He asked for rhubarb-I'm hoping the rhubarb I picked and put in the crisper is still good. If not, he said that zucchini bars would be okay. I have to head to the kitchen after this.

My tomato plants have gone wild! This is 6 plants that I planted about 2-1/2 feet apart in a zig zag pattern. They are over 3 feet tall. I have never grown tomato plants that tall. I'm concerned with them being so big that they won't get enough sunlight to develop. I guess we will see.

I did make a cocktail tonight, which I have spoken of in the past. It is called a Flirtini and it is Dude and my favorite summer drink. We first had them about a year and a half ago at one of our favorite restaurants. They are uber expensive at the restaurant so we asked the waitress what was in them and then I futzed with it at home until I got it to where we wanted it.


1 oz raspberry vodka
1-1/2 oz cranberry juice
1-1/2 oz pineapple juice
1 wedge of lime from a quartered lime
1 oz champagne or sparkling wine

Fill a martini glass (or glass of your choice) with ice cubes. In a cocktail shaker, add ice to top. Add vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and the juice from the lime wedge. Shake for 10 seconds. Using the strainer top, pour into the martini glass. Drop in 5 to 7 raspberries. Stir then float the champagne on top. Delish! I didn't have any raspberries tonight, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it's slightly sweet/tart taste!

Here is my clematis the had some regrowth. I didn't think it would bloom again until next year. I just planted it in June and the bloom that was on it when I purchased it only lasted a few weeks. When I was leaving on Saturday for the lake I saw another bloom on it. My mother-in-law has a huge one in her garden. I hope mine will some day look like hers. I also have wild pansies growing in my rock garden in the front of the house. When we re-bricked the lower half of our house, we planted some hostas, bleeding hearts and another bush I can't think of now. We bought new rock that matched the new bricks. About 4 years ago we noticed a couple of pansies growing in the rocks. We thought maybe a bird had dropped a seed or something. Nope. Each year we get random pansies in the rocks. This year I counted 34 of the little plants out there. About 10 have bloomed already. Strangest thing.


Donna-FFW said...

The flirtini sounds amazing! Those tomato plants .. yo are going to have an abundance.. lucky girl.

Bob said...

So are you going to do a tomato giveaway or what? :D

tamilyn said...

Bob-if I could figure out a way to ship them without damage I would SO be doing a giveaway! I need to find me a good tomato sauce recipe that I can freeze!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Now that flirtini sounds like my kind of adult beverage! I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about your veggies and flowers. I think our tomato plants are just about burned out.

Jeff said...

My freaking tomatoes are doing insane. A couple of them are over 6 feet tall.

I have noticed that even when I thought something was dead if I start watering it that it magically comes back to life.