Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apparently we don't love her

and only want her gone. This was the last outburst from the Hermit Crab when we were 'encouraging' to pack her crap so we can load the darn car and get her on her way! The drama, the screaming, the door slamming. Can we say I'm thinking I won't cry as much as I thought I would when we leave her after the attitude the last few days? Holy Moly Rocky!

We went camping this past weekend at a nice place about 3 hours away. I love cooking out over the fire as it just tastes so much better. I had said that a few weeks ago I made a foil packet with onions, taters and chicken. So good!
Chicken Hobo Dinners
Boneless, skinless chicken-we used breasts and thighs
1 medium potato, in a thin dice (per person)
1 jumbo onion, thinly sliced
bacon slices (one per person)
vegetable oil
salt and pepper
Tear off a strip of foil approximately 24 inches long. Fold in half with shiny side in. Place several onion slices on bottom of foil. Top with potatoes, then bacon. Sprinkle about 1 to 2 TBSP of oil over top. Top with a piece of chicken. Season with salt and pepper. At home, I used some other seasonings to perk it up, but camping all I had was salt and pepper. Take 2 TBSP butter and cut into 4 pieces and stick around chicken and spuds. Fold up long ends and roll down to food. Crimp short edges. Leave a little room so you can shake the packets while on the fire. Place over hot coal. Shake frequently so it doesn't burn. We did ours on a grill that we stick on the outside of fire ring and can swing over the fire. Check after 30 minutes to see how the potatoes and chicken are doing. They took about 40 minutes total for the spuds to be tender and the chicken cooked all the way through. The onion gets all golden and sweet and practically disappears into the potatoes. They were so good! The next night we did them with hamburgers, but made the spuds in their own package so we could start them sooner so as to make sure they were cooked through. If you have never made Hobo dinners, I highly suggest it. Clean up is a breeze and the packets are full of smoky deliciousness.
Off to see if the Crab is speaking to us yet. I won't miss the drama. And her little sister Drama Queen is all excited since Dude said she can fix up Hermit Crab's room and bathroom and move downstairs. This could be interesting.......


Leslie said...

Oh drama queen is only 4 and I cant already tell that we are going to butt heads! I love a long 14 years ahead of me dont I?? lol

Bob said...

I haven't made hobo dinners since I was in Boy Scouts. Ah, memories. I tell you, I don't miss dealing with teenage girls. And I've never had to be their parent! :D

Katherine Aucoin said...

Hermit Crab will settle down, looks like she's got a lot of anxiety about being away from her mom and dad. Take as a compliment!

The Hobo chicken looks fantastic. This looks like something I may do on the grill.

Donna-FFW said...

Hobo chicken sounds marvelous. I have got to try that!!

Your hermit crab is probably nervous over leaving you.. you are such an attentive mom. It truly shows in your posts. She's a lucky girl.

HoneyB said...

Sounds yummy! I have done Potatoes, onions & Peppers (with lots of butter!) over the fire. I love the smokiness you get from it and of course the flavor is awesome!