Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our State Fair is a great State Fair

I took my girls to the State Fair on Friday. We spent a nice day bonding and getting ready to sent Hermit Crab to college tomorrow (deep breath). We ate food, they rode rides and we saw Jason Aldean in concert (another deep breath) for the second time this year. It was Drama Queen's first time as she was not old enough to go to the casino where he performed this spring. We had an awesome day!

Drama Queen, me, Hermit Crab

Waiting for Jason to come on stage

DQ and HC on the Tilt-O-Whirl. It was invented here
in Minnesota!

Singing with Jason. Guy in white shirt kept
hitting on my 15 year old daughter. Didn't believe
I was her Mom.

Spudsters on a Stick-Croquettes! Yum!

At the concert

Mr. Hot McHottie, Jason Aldean

Pig Lickers-chocolate dipped bacon!

Taking a break from walking and eating

Cheese Curds

We also had a Pot Roast Sundae, which was mashed spuds, corn and shredded roast beef in a bowl, some miniature cinnamon caramel rolls, some shave Hawaiian ice, a corn dog, a shredded pork sandwich and some Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. Our tummies were full of food and our hearts were full of love for Jason!


Bob said...

Well, the food sounds great. But I don't think we should ever go to concerts together. Heh. ;)

Leslie said...

Nothing better than fair food!
Beautiful daughters!

noble pig said...

Our state fair is going on too. Tying to decide if I want to eat my way through thousands of calories...well probably!