Saturday, August 8, 2009

Think Pink-not!

Wow, I guess it has been quite awhile since I have posted last. This summer is just flying by and I must admit that I haven't cooked as much as I should or as much as the family would like. So many things going on that I can't seem to concentrate like I would like.

I had a fun night last night and had a small "Non-reunion/reunion" with a few classmates at a bar up in the Twin Cities. It was fun as most of the people that were there were not the people I hung out with in school. I come from a larger school-over 400 in my class-but I knew a lot of people, or knew of them, as I was on the yearbook staff and we covered everything from sports to music, arts to clubs, so I was at least familar with many of them. As adults, we seem to have much more in common than we did 25 years ago when we convened on one high school from 3 different junior high schools. All of those fears and prejudices were not there anymore, it was just a bunch of 40-somethings talking about work, the economy, kids, music and life. It was great.

Tonight I am just reviewing a wine. Not usually my norm, but have occasionally reviewed some. I found this bottle at a liquor store out of town while I was shopping in the 'bigger' cities. I love a nice rose, but this was way too sweet. I love a sweet wine, but this one hurt my teeth! I thought it would be fun for a picnic in it's nice aluminum bottle with screw top lid, but I really didn't enjoy it. I tried to dilute it with several ice cubes in my glass and that didn't help much. Thankfully it was only around ten bucks, so I wasn't out much money. I did pick up two new wines today that I will post later on.

I have a few food posts ready to go, or will have after tomorrow. I am having movie night with a couple of my girlfriends from the bank and am excited to see them as it has been several months, other than Hermit Crab's grad party. Coming up will be a brownie recipe, popcorn salad, and we are camping in two weeks so it will be chicken and spud hobo dinners. We had some the other night at home on the grill, but the photos were so vanilla, that I will wait until camping and take some more. Hopefully they will show up better.

Off to clean-yuck. Much rather crawl in bed with "House Hunters" and some chocolate!


Donna-FFW said...

Lord almighty, I thought you deserted me, girlfriend. Glad to see you back around. I so understand the busy thing, Im going through it too, I try to comment when I can. Life gets in the way of blogging, no? Hahaha:)

noble pig said...

You are still alive. Love that wine container!