Friday, December 26, 2008

Cooking and a new faucet!

Today was a good day. I finally went and bought a new faucet for our kitchen sink. Small thing, but our old one has been leaking for several months. If only I could have also bought a new sink, but that wasn't an option for the hubby as he didn't want to remove all the plumbing and garbage disposal, etc. I fell in love with it instantly. It has a soap dispenser on the left, the spigot in the middle, the handle to the right and spray hose to far right. I had the two handled version, but hated it as I alway have gooey hands and would have to waste a paper towel to turn on the water to wash my hands. This way I will be able to lift it with my wrist. I know, it sounds dumb, but it was a big problem for me. I had a good Christmas-it was nice and quiet. I don't know that I have said, but I have a small problem with cookbooks. I need an intervention and a 12-step program. I received 3 more cookbooks for Christmas and have been paging through them all day. My aim is to get my recipes (both my own and those I love from other places and people) up on here. As I am a newbie and just starting out, I have been perusing other people's blogs seeing how they do it. I did post that on Christmas Eve my pork roast and Lemon potatoes were not a big hit. And they dug into the food before I could whip the camera out to snap a photo. Of course, the youngest had the camera with her friend and filled up the memory card. Note to self, go to Target and get more SD cards and hide from the princess. Christmas dinner was a better sucess with ham, mashed spuds and veggies. Again, they dug in before the camera came out. I guess I will need to let them know I need to get the photos before the feeding frenzy starts. Because of how the holiday fell for our rotation at work, we are off for a whole week, so now that the holidays are winding down, I will spend the rest of the weekend cooking. Because of our work schedule, I usually only cook every two days. It was an adjustment, coming from and 8 to 5 world to 12 hour rotating days off schedule, but after 2 months I am getting the hang of it. I also got a 7 qt. programable slow cooker which will replace my 5 qt one. It is being retired to the camper. This is a life saver for the days I don't cook. I throw in chicken, roasts, beef stew when we get home and then have food for work plus the kids get a hot meal. I know it is 'kind of' cooking, but not a lot of effort goes in, so that isn't really cooking to me. But I digress. I'm off to kitchen to bake, so will hopefully get those pictures and recipes up soon.

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