Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

It is finally sunny here in MN but still cold. One is playing with makeup and outfits in her room and one is making me a small quilt for displaying their sports buttons. Hubby is out in barn working on a car and I am doing laundry. My father just called from Florida to let me know they were having the traditional pizza for Christmas Eve and wanted to know if we were doing the same. We had pizza every Christmas Eve together before he and my stepmom moved to Florida. We have a hard time doing pizza because all the places around us are not chains and the owners of course want to have time with thier families, so now I cook on Christmas Eve. Tonight it will be a Eye of Round roast and Lemon potatoes (courtesy of The youngest's boyfriend will be joining us after dinner for church and to open their presents to each other. I am trying to get us out the door to go sledding for a little while before starting dinner. The hubby bought he and I some righteous hats yesterday at Ragstock, so I need to show the public how awesome they are. I just got the go ahead for sledding, so I need to find some long underwear.......
Here we are at the college getting ready to stop for some cappucino and hot chocolate before heading home to get dinner started and crack some wine. Hmm, the hubby won't like this one-too dry. Good thing there are a few other bottles chilled!

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