Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why this name?

Butter my Kitchen? What, like a cake pan? No, actually Butter is the name of the paint I used to paint my kitchen in 2007. After we did a remodel in 1998, we just repainted good old white, and I looked at it for 9 years and thought, why? There are so many beautiful crayons in the box, why would I be inspired to cook and laugh with my family while looking at white walls. So I told the gearhead (hubby) I would be home later and spent a couple hours at the paint store finding the perfect shade......for the livingroom. But while there, I found this most inviting, warm color called Butter. It would be yellow, like butter, and would not go with the the wine colored couch and chair or mauve carpet in the livingroom, but.......wouldn't it look great in my kitchen with the blue and yellow utensil holders my Mom gave me? Why yes, Tamilyn, it would. So with Butte Rock for the livingroom (a warm brown) and Butter for the kitchen, I happily took my B named paints home, took a week off work and transformed part of my house. If only I could afford the Viking appliances for the kitchen now......

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