Friday, December 26, 2008

Dinner, not quite

Well, I had hoped to do some cooking tonight, but after we got home from errands we found that our youngest was entertaining friends and had made them dinner. Yeah, nothing against Kraft at all as I use about a thousand of their products, but I was the kid in the neighborhood who hated mac and cheese-and still do. So we called the oldest daughter who is working tonight at the local taco place to have her bring dinner home. Yep, no money, so we dug leftovers out and washed them down with some rum and colas. After the friends leave she will be cleaning the pan!


ntsc said...

To 'be from there' in a small town in the midwest, north Illinois in my case, your grand parents, all four of them, had to have been from there. You need several sets of cousins to vouch for you.

tamilyn said...

Ah, thanks for the advice ntsc. That must be the problem. People still point and whisper when we walk into a room. Seriously-I'm not imagineing it....I don't think