Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow

Having one eye on the sky and another on HGTV, it looks like MN is going to get nailed this weekend with snow. I don't mind snow, but it would be great if it would be able to just fall on grass, not roads and sidewalks. Our driving daughter had her first accident on Tuesday while we were at work, but it was minor. She slid off the road into the ditch while picking her younger sister up from practice. She was calm, called the police, turned on her flashers and politely told all that approached the car that they were staying in the car until the Sheriff showed up. Her sister on the other hand was a raving lunatic. All parents know the clutching fear when the phone rings and you have a screaming, hysterical 15 year old and you can't make out a word other than 'accident'. I felt like the most awful mother since I was at work and not there to make it all better, but I guess pretty soon I won't have the power (or the power I think I have) to fix everything. One is leaving for college soon, the other will be driving soon and I will probably end up in the Betty Ford clinic before long. Of course, the one in Mazatlan is quite nice. Our friends have a time share there and we can see it from their resort. Hmm, note to self, check into that.
Time to figure out what I want to put in the crock with the round steak and check the weather channel one more time before finishing the tie blankets I am making for the girls-with only a couple days until Christmas and I work all weekend. Might be a late night/early morning for this underplanned woman. Is that even a word?

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