Friday, June 26, 2009

I don't want to turn on the TV

or my computer. 3 deaths in a week. I know the old saying that it happens in threes. I saw Dawn's little blurb on Facebook about Farrah right before I left for work, and turned to my husband and said "It happens in threes, who will be next?" On the way to work the news just said that MJ was brought to the hospital for cardiac arrest and he poked me and said "um, I bet he is number 3". I really didn't think so, but later on break we saw it on the Internet. Strange. It seems weird to me just because he was such an icon in the 80's when I was growing up. Thriller has to be one of the best albums from that era. Who didn't want to be Farrah with all that blond hair and beautiful face? I remember when I was finally old enough to understand the jokes on Johnny Carson. Goodbye Ed, Farrah and Michael. May you find peace and be free of pain on the other side. God Speed.


Leslie said...

sad sad stuff. I was teary eyed watching the news last night

justjoycee said...

Sad, and btw it definitely comes in 3's.

Heather said...

scary scary. i'm ambivalent about MJ on many levels, but farrah made me sad.