Sunday, June 28, 2009

A quick bite and a new family member

When I had posted the skillet sausage and pasta dish, I said I had seen somewhere (on the blogoshpere or on Food Network-I can't remember which) someone was talking about switching out part of their recipe for pierogis. I did that with this skillet version. I browned up mild sausage, added some butter and sauteed the pierogis, added sausage back in, added some spaghetti sauce and called it dinner. It was tasty, but I got killer heartburn from it!
I don't have a picture-it didn't transfer with my latest batch of photos. I do however have a photo of our latest family member-Tofu.

Our youngest got him from a friend whose cat just had kittens. The deal is he is suppose to be an outdoor cat as I am allergic to them. She has him in her room right now potty training him and keeping him away from me. I'm a little smitten, I must say. When we got our first cat, he was a year old, fully grown and a shyster. I loved him and miss him all the time. I also said I never wanted another pet because I didn't think my poor heart could take losing another pet. We'll see if he ever makes it outside.

And Drama Queen also signed up for a recruiter call from the Army. If I wasn't so hung over from the camping party at our friends house while watching the hicks do mud bogging in their field, I would go have a drink.


Leslie said...

ohhhhhh.tofu is sooooo cute

Heather said...

i LOVE her name! she's adorable!!

Bob said...

Kittens rule. If you can handle the allergy side then it's really best to keep him indoors and get him fixed. :)

Donna-FFW said...

What a precious addition. How adorable.

Spryte said...

Tofu is so cute!!!!