Sunday, June 14, 2009

We survived the party

but have WAY too much food left. When the place that catered it was packing up to go they asked if we had roasters or crock pots to put the left overs in-we had about double the meat we needed. I took notes on how many plates we went through, napkins, cupcakes. When Drama Queen graduates, I will whip out that notebook and order half the tacos and nachos. Blew my budget on so many things that I realized a little too late that were unnecessary. Live and learn. Dude yelled at me on numerous occasions that I was carrying around my camera taking photos-he said that she was done, she didn't need anymore pages in her scrapbook. But my niece helped me out by taking about 500 photos and will send to me next week! It was a long day, but went so fast. I don't remember half the people that were here-feels like my wedding day! Here are some shots of the day.

Hermit Crab and her cake

Family Shot

My friend JoAnn carved a basket

One of HC's scrapbook pages-the dreaded 14 hour crop!


Bob said...

So, what are you going to do with all the leftovers? :D

Debbie said...

There is no such thing as taking too many pictures!! LOL
Glad you had a great party.