Thursday, June 4, 2009

My backyard smells like a brownie...

No, I haven't been smoking anything, although given my current state of freaked-outness, it might be a good idea. Nah. We have been doing a lot of work outside in the yard getting ready for the big party next week. We planted shrubs, put in some retaining walls and pavers, planted flowers. We also put a lot of mulch around the gardens. I didn't get enough so when I went back to the store they were all out of brown mulch. Many expletives came out of my mouth. The best I could find was cocoa shells that were brown. Ohmygravy, does it smell good out there! Just some random pictures from today. Hermit Crab had the senior class day at Valley Fair today (it is our amusement park here in MN) and now is out the door to a class party down the road at a neighbor's house. We grilled some steaks, weeded some gardens, started PT, purchased clothes for the grad ceremony and dropped off 5 bags of clothes at the local charity. Busy day. Off all next week so hope to get some good cleaning/baking/glue sniffing done. I'm kidding-who cleans?

Here are the photos from today:

Cocoa shells-yummy!

Current state of garden
My yellow begonia's-beautiful

Summer Shandy-yum! Don't tell Dude I
put it on the street rod!
The street rod-'48 Pontiac Silver Streak

Marinated steak in Lawry's Steak and
Chop marinade-holy cow, awesome

Drama Queen got her braces off!

Sunburned from the amusement park

I decorated her windows today

As I sat here and waited for the pictures to upload, I was reading through Hermit Crab's college orientation material. They take either a 5 day or 12 day trip to get to know people one on one. She is doing the 5 day trip. It is either canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, or sleeping in trees. Um, please tell me that the bear we almost hit last fall on our way up for the college visit is NOT going to eat my child while she back packs through the woods! One more worry to add to my plate......


Donna-FFW said...

You crack me up.:) "I'm Kidding, who cleans"

Gypsy Girl Gourmet said...

Can't go wrong with the smell of chocolate!

Pam said...

Loving your cocoa shells - what a great idea! Steaks look awesome, so does the beer :). Congrats to your oldest and to your youngest for getting her braces off.