Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cola Beef in Crock

About a month ago I made an awesome dinner. A round steak and a can of Coke. I had seen a recipe somewhere for a pot roast with cola in it, so I thought, hey I'll try that with the round steak. It was awesome! The flavor was unbelievable. I tried it a few weeks ago with a different cut of meat. Ugh. It was terrible. We often grocery shop at 6 in the morning on our way home from work, and the other morning we stopped to get our weekly groceries and the meat manager was already in. First I asked for Round steak-nope, they don't carry it anymore as there wasn't a big demand. What? Then they had in house chicken on sale. Nope. They ran out. The poor man felt so sorry that he couldn't help me with anything on my list that he went and got some Gold-N-Plump chicken and gave it to me for the sale price of the in-house brand. That was nice. So as we are perusing the meat aisle (the butcher we normally go to unfortunately wasn't open yet or else we shop there) I thought I would pick up the boneless chuck steak and try that. It was good and tender, but a lot drier than the round steak was. That confused me as there some nice marbling in the chuck steak. I apologize for the bad after photo-it looked good in the viewfinder and when uploaded it is blurry. This is simple and I really recommend the round steak as it turned out the best.

Cola Beef in Crock
2-1 plus pound boneless chuck steak (or 2 pound round steak)
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
seasoning-I picked Penzey's beef roast seasoning
1 can cola-I had Pepsi on hand
butter (not shown)

Melt butter in pan over medium-high heat. Add onions and cook for several minutes. We are just getting them soft. Is there any smell better than onions frying in butter? Oh my goodness, I love it.

Transfer the onions to the slow cooker. Place meat in pan to get a nice sear and some color on it.

Place meat on top of onions in slow cooker and then pour can of room temp cola on top.

Cover and cook on low for about 6 to 7 hours. Serve with your favorite side dishes.

Tonight, since I have caught the Dude's righteous cold, I made nothing. The teenage girls that were here earlier tasted tested a recipe that I did for the Noble Pig's Super Bowl challenge. They said it was good, but when one left she said it was a little dry-oh crap! One of the girls is still here spending the night-no school as it is end of quarter, did eat a nice helping of this, while my daughter ate a bowl of cereal.

And not that I should since I have felt like poopy, I did open a new wine tonight. I know this isn't a wine glass, but we got these in Mexico last February and they just make me smile when I take them out of the hutch that I decided to use it tonight. The wine isn't bad. A little on the sweet side, which I like, plus you can chill it. I have a thing about beverages, well food too, but with beverages they either should be hot or cold. Not room temp. I think that is part of the problem with me and most red wines, other than being so tannin-esque(?) it makes my butt pucker. I need them cold and they should usually be served at room temp. I am a rebel though. If you see me with a red that should be room temp, you'll see an ice cube in my glass. Don't judge people, it is just how I get through the day.


Heather said...

mmmmmmm. i'm so intrigued by this! i'll bet it's delicious!

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

I really like your blog. I'll be reading it often. And thanks for the comment on my chicken!