Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I killed it

I didn't always like wine. I remember (vividly) when I was 18, I had gone with a friend to visit her brother in college in Wisconsin (which will remain nameless). Back in the old days, you had to be 19 to drink in Minnesota and 18 in Wisconsin. We went to spend the night with Kenny. Being that we were A) in Wisconsin with no adult supervision, and B) old enough to drink in the state, we decided to play quarters. To make a long story short-never play quarters with wine. You probably shouldn't play quarters at all, but most definitely not with wine. Suffice it to say I spent most of the evening in the 'ladies room' indisposed. For many years I wouldn't even look at wine (the stomach doesn't forget-my 20th birthday was my Golden one-still can't even smell sloe gin). But around age 30 I picked up a bottle of White Zin and gave it a try. I know, White Zin? But I said before, I'm not a wine snob. Me and the Dude like the Pink Truck for less than 9 bucks a bottle. I like the sweeter wines, usually whites and pinks, but I do like Pinot Noir. My favorite is Rosa Regale by Banfi. It is a sweet wine, that is slightly sparkling. OMG!! It is the best thing since sliced bread! Considering I have to work a full hour to pay for one bottle, I don't drink it as often as I would like. Sometimes I buy wine for for the name-who doesn't? But when I went to open the bottle of wine tonight, the foil cutter wouldn't work. Does that mean I have opened too many bottles of wine in the last year? I bought it last year (actually 2007) at Thanksgiving time. It is shot. I had to tackle it with a paring knife tonight. I bought this wine solely for the name. Three Blind Moose? Who wouldn't find that funny? And look at the pretty yellow cork. I did enjoy it; slightly tart, some citrus, nice crisp finish. Of course, 3 glasses of wine and no food is not a good idea, so I need to go to the kitchen and see if I can unearth something worth eating.
*Helps to mention that this is a Riesling!

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noble pig said...

Yes, I would say your foil cutter has seen better days, I hate when that happens. Love the moose label and Riesling is one of my faves. I will be planting Riesling along with pinot Noir in Oregon...can't wait.