Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dude cooks

Okay, I was going to post the beef stew today, but when I got home from work this morning I found that my husband had prepared food for us to take to work. He made his chili and he also made burgers. Should I even start a sentance with "Ok...."? The burger picture didn't look appetizing, so I took a photo of the bowl of chili he had left for today. When I asked if he took pictures while cooking, he looked at me and mumbled something about normal people eat food they don't photograph it, so I guess that answer was no. He bought some bison to mix in with the chili and he used the other half for our burgers. Hmm, he said it was good; I'll see tonight. Hopefully I don't have to buy a sandwich out of the vending machine!

The Dude's Chili

1/2 pound of hamburger
1/2 pound of bison
2 cans of spicy chili beans
2 cans (large ones) tomatoes in juice, chopped
1 small can tomato paste
chili powder
crushed red pepper flakes

Brown hamburger and bison; drain off most of the fat. Stir in the rest of the ingredients and simmer for hour. He freehands the spices; he adds maybe a tsp of each and lets it simmer awhile, then tastes and adjusts from there.

Well, there is an error with my photos so now I can't upload any of the photos I took. Hopefully this isn't a problem with the computer as I am pretty computer illiterate. Okay, picture beans and meat in a red sauce with pieces of tomato studded on top. He crushes saltines on top of his.
Bummer, on the way to work so I have no time to look into this. Hopefully I can get it to work tomorrow.

**The bison/hamburgers were very good. See, he can cook!


noble pig said...

I'm sure it's great. I mean when someone else makes it, it's always so much more appetizing and full of love.

HoneyB said...

LOL, I when I'm reading your hubby's comment I can't help but smile. That is SO Grumpy. ;o)

Hope you didn't have to revert to the vending machine!!