Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here is our dinner from tonight (well last night since it is 3 AM). I had the Tacos de Carnitas, Debbie had a combo plate with an enchilada, burrito and what she thought was suppose to be a taco but was something else. Her husband Terry had a huge burrito and Randy had, well, he never told me what it was. It was steak on top of a tortilla with a sauce and guac and shredded lettuce. He was in a mood tonight and when I whipped out the camera he got a little cranky so I didn't ask the waiter to take our picture, although there were flashes all around us with other groups taking photos. What a poopyhead, to quote our kids. The margaritas were very good and I ordered mine with Patron. It didn't have that bitter taste that the shelf stuff does. If only I could afford it. Well, I suppose if I skipped wine for a week or two, I could sneak it onto my shelf :)

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noble pig said...

I only buy Patron, there is no comparison. Very smooth.