Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MeMe about Tami Tami

I was tagged by Vanessa at on a meme of six random things about me. I have no problem participating in them, I will leave it up to anyone who reads this to participate if they want to. I know some people really don't enjoy them and I'm the gal who likes to keep the peace :)

So, random things about me (I'm not too exciting so don't be too hopeful)

1) I have never broken a bone in my body. I remember trying to when I was a sophomore so I didn't have to participate in the swimming portion of gym class, because what pudgy girl wants to be seen in a bathing suit in third hour? Anyone? I didn't break anything, but I did have to have my tonsils removed and the doctor said it was a communicable disease, so I got out of it.

2) We have owned over 50 cars in the 21 years we have been a couple (19 married). What normal people have owned that many cars? The hubby likes to buy broken ones and fix them. We have had many street rods. We have had some that we used for a few months (like winter beaters). Sold a few cheap to people who were in need of one and couldn't afford it. We currently own 10. Only three of us drive, but Drama Queen starts drivers training in a couple weeks.

3) I have never had a speeding ticket or a parking ticket. My hubby calls little miss goody two-shoes.

4) I stand like a flamingo when I am in the kitchen. Right leg bent at the knee with right foot planted on the left knee. Don't know why but have done this since I was a child. Usually when I am in front of the sink doing dishes or in front of the island reading mail or looking at recipes. I have unusually long legs. Not really tall, but my leg length is far greater than my trunk and head length.

5) My name was suppose to be Katrinka. My Mom wanted to call me Katie but apparently in the 60's you couldn't just name someone a "shortened" name so was going to name me Katrinka to call me Katie. She didn't like Katherine (someone in her past had that name and grudges are held a long time I guess). So Dad saved the day and came up with Tami Lyn (my full name-with last-sounds like I should have been a country singer in the 60's!)

6) My daughter's both wore my baptismal dress-but I never did. My Mom was Lutheran and my Dad's family was Baptist and even though Dad was never baptized into his family's faith, he had religion forced on him so he said he would never do that to a child. I had to make up my own mind. I got baptized the same day as my oldest daughter. My Mom cried more the day that I was baptized than when I got married. She was sure the minister would not let me marry Randy in a church since I wasn't. The pastor reassured her that it would be okay.

Okay, wasn't that fun? Man am I boring. Never skydived (would rather cut my pinkies off), or driven a motorcycle, ran off with the circus---man, I've still got some living to do!

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~Vanessa~ said...

How fun to learn about you :)