Monday, January 26, 2009

Mello Jell-o and cookies

I have been sick for the last two days and all I want to do is stay in bed. I could have, but after laying there for so many hours, the back was killing me and I was drowning in, well, snot. Drama Queen had 4 friends here making a video for Spanish class. I was trying to keep them quiet as the Dude was sleeping to go in for OT again tonight. Not an easy task with 5- 15 year old girls! I cooked and baked a bit today so I would have posts ready for most of the week. Some things went well, some things-not like I had hoped. I made Heather's (from S'more cupcakes without the success she had with them. They tasted good, but mine sank in the middle, the crust was a little crumbly (think I need to add more butter) so they didn't look pretty like hers. We ate them anyways! I made two of my favorite comfort foods since I don't feel good. Every year at Christmas we had to split the holidays between Mom's family and Dad's family. Christmas Eve was with my Mom's folks and Christmas Day was with Dad's. Every year I looked forward to Christmas Day dinner because my aunt Twyla would bring 7-Up Salad. Now, I am a purist when it comes to Jell-o. I like it plain, in a bowl with a spoon. But she made a lime Jell-o with 7-Up and apple sauce. She also made Carrot salad which was orange Jell-o and shredded carrots. This was my sister B's favorite. Mom never made these for us; I wonder why? Love orange, it is my favorite flavor, except for when this is on the table. Now, before we proceed-there is no way to make Jell-o look attractive on a plate. I tried many different ways. The photo was ticking me off, so I just plopped it on my plate that I was going to eat (since it would make me feel better) and went with that one. Not pretty, but oooo, the lime-y goodness with applesauce to cut the sweet. Yummy. After that I made a few other things, and at 1:30 I was starving (Jell-o doesn't really fill you up) so I made another comfort food. Chocolate chip cookies. Do you remember that episode of Friends when Phoebe wants chocolate chip cookies like her Grandma made, but doesn't have the recipe and Monica goes crazy trying many different versions? Long story short, they were "Ness-Lay Tulle-hus". Nestle Tollhouse. Yep, that is what I always make. Recipe on the label. They are always gone in a day. Haven't found a reason to switch it up yet! I won't post that recipe since it is on package and I don't want to be sued or anything even if I do credit them!! Put a glass of milk in the freezer when the cookies go in the oven and it will be icy cold when you burn your mouth with one of those It-is-hot-but-I-can't-any-longer moments.

Here is a few things I did today:

S'more cupcakes from Heather:

7-Up Salad

1 small box Lime gelatin

1 cup hot water (minus 2 TBSP)

1 cup 7-Up

1 cup applesauce

Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Stir in 7-Up and applesauce. Place in refrigerator to set up. Enjoy in bowl with a spoon! Or on the plate like I did so you don't think I am a total barbarian and that my mama didn't teach me no manners. And I know Christmas is over, but I love my new snowflake dishes and tablecloth and am not ready to wash and store them quite yet.

Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies: flip that bag of morsels over

Yep, that is where my big mouth took a bite! Happy, happy tummy


~Vanessa~ said...

Hope you get feeling better soon!!

Hallie Fae said...

Yum those cookies look so good!


Tasty blog you've got here, congrats!

Heather said...


I am so sorry! I didn't notice the error in that recipe. It should definitely be baking powder. I apologize about that. I'm relieved they still tasted OK!!

cakeitaly said...

Wow fantastic ideas for my next lunch with my friends.

Bye from Italy by - A taste of Italian sweets

If you want you cant add your blog in my blogroll All your recipes

noble pig said...

Okay that 7-up salad intrigues kids would love the color of course.

Not Another Omnivore said...

That cupcake looks delicious!


An Apron Straitjacket said...

I must say that the jello salad reminds me a bit of the Ooze from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that my boys used to watch, but it sounds so yummy!!