Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Breakfast-not for the faint of heart

or for those that have morals or standards. Yep, no Wheaties (or rather Tootie Fruities or Marshmallow Mateys) in my bowl this morning. Not even a glass.

Just an ice cold Bud Light Lime at, well, six-ish in the morning when it is two below zero outside and the car doors were frozen shut when we got out of work. Do I normally have beer in the morning? Well, not always, but there are mornings when we come home, pop in a movie and enjoy one or two. Kind of like how normal people would have one at six at night. Of course, having had a night from H-E-double hockey sticks didn't hurt the desire to have one. Four men who acted like little girls tends to make me reach for a stick to beat them with and a beer to help me mellow out so I don't take the aggression out on the children. Well, maybe it just lessens the aggression.....kidding, kidding.
Remember when I said we played Wii and looked like idiots doing so? Here is proof:

wish you could tell how gorgeous the kitchen is-total envy
And Hermit Crab and I didn't win at the casino, but did have good Chinese afterwards. Hey, what are those things called (like you were there and could just "Duh Tami, there were _____"), but they were a puff pastry type dough that were small and twisted kind of like a purse, and there was maybe cream cheese in the middle, and possibly quickly deep fried? I didn't see the tag on them and just decided to try one. And promptly went back for two more. Which I am sure aren't good for my hips, but holy chalupa, they were good.

Here she is at the casino. Wasn't sure if I could take a picture inside the gaming floor, so played it safe outside. Still can't believe she is 18.....when I am barely more than that myself!

I'll be back with food later. After an oil change, grocery store, 9 loads of laundry, post office, vacuuming, taking out my dreadlocks, dropping a deposit for the daughter. Oh, I'm kidding.....I don't do her banking anymore!
Happy, umm, phooey, what day is it? Oh yeah, Wednesday!


Donna-FFW said...

You are MY kinda lady!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Dang woman you need to clone yourself! From what I could tell, you have a gorgeous kitchen. Have a Bud for me!

Bob said...

Nothing wrong with beer for breakfast. Course, I'm not one to set your moral compass by. ;)

tamilyn said...

Gee, Bob-I was taking my cues from you. Now, if I was breaking out the tequila at 6, we might need an intervention :)

Heather said...

HAH! a Bud Light for breakfast! You crack me up :)

noble pig said...

Okay that's funny, but hey if you have to work at night...whatever!

I'm amazed they allow ganbling at's 21 here.