Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let them eat cake

It was another beautiful spring day here in southern MN. I didn't spend much time outside as I was baking, cooking and painting. I'm really tired of painting, but I still have to finish my laundry room-that no one will see. I painted the bathroom yellow also. The Dude is a little sick of my yellow obsession. He told me to buy a quart as our bathroom is pretty small, plus we have wainscoting on half of it. I didn't listen and bought a gallon. Yep over half left. Live and learn. Now I need to get a new shower curtain; I'm not digging the purple pansies right now. While pansies are still my favorite flower (planted, cut would be tulips), I'm needing a change.

I tried Donna's (My Tasty Treasures) StepGrandma's cake today. The recipe can be found I did make a few changes, only because I'm not a fan of coconut unless it is Malibu rum and in my cocktail, and I didn't have time to split the two layers into 4 since I was painting up until 5 and our dinner party started at 5:30, so I barely got that sucker frosted. High praise Donna-they loved it. Megan thought the frosting was great as it was light and not too sweet, so it didn't detract from the cake flavor. It was moist and delectable. Here are some photos of the cake and of Casey giving Megan a lesson on making guacamole. It was so good. We just nibbled on appy's all night. I made a Poppin' Bacon bread, which I basically combined two different recipes into something that would work for me. I used a part of the Bacon Pull apart bread that Cathy at Noble Pig had as one of the finalists in her Superbowl giveaway, and part of a recipe I found in an old Taste of Home magazine. I will post that later this week.

Here is the cake

And here are Casey and Megan making some awesome guac!

Meg showing off her mad new knife skills!

It was nice spending a quiet night with friends. We sat around the kitchen table and talked about movies and kidded each other on what each other hasn't seen (Megan hasn't seen Top Gun!!)
We then watched "The Bucket List" and decided that the next movie night would be "Brokeback Mountain". Since my friends live in the city and get cable, they have DVR and can record movies. We on the other hand have a big 'ole satellite dish since we can't get cable out in the country and I don't even know if Tivo would work out here. Plus, if I had the ability to tape all my favorite shows and movies, I probably wouldn't have time to work or blog, so maybe that is a good thing!


Donna-FFW said...

I am so glad your guests enjoyed it.. Isometimes vary also, although I never did 2 layers, always 4.. And heaven forbid I leave out the sprinkles, my kids would shoot me! I can't vary too much because my MIL may get offended;)Your cake looks terrific!
Like your new photo, did you get a haircut? Thank you for the shoutout!

Jennifer said...

That cake looks great! doesn't seem that hard to make!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Katherine Aucoin said...

That cake looks great. You have me sold on making it too. Btw, bet it would go great with those steaks you grilled!

Bob said...

Heh, I haven't seen Top Gun either. I love guac though, are you posting the recipe?

tamilyn said...

Donna-no, my family said the other photo looked to posed and didn't look like me, so I had to put up a different one. The only sprinkles I had were from Halloween :)

Bob-Dude, you so have to rent the movie. Of course, the volleyball scene won't have the same affect on you as it does me-sigh. I will put up her guac recipe.

Sara said...

The cake looks really delicious! You can never go wrong with guacamole, it's one of my favorite things to eat.

noble pig said...

Looks like a yummy cake and a fun night. That frosting...oh my gah.

Heather said...

yummm! i will have a slice please! and guacamole, too?! some of my favorite things, all in one post :)

Spryte said...

That cake looks GREAT!

I want to paint my basement BRIGHT yellow. =)

Monica H said...

I thought that cake looked familiar. That frosting look so creamy!

I like your new photo too :-)