Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Passed

7 questions wrong
Passport and Social Security card
Picture (but no smile-Homeland Security rules!!??)
Talked me into letting her drive home
2 rum and cokes under my belt (after pulling in the driveway)
Betty Ford-hold my spot, I'm sure I'll need it after the next six months of behind the wheel until she can get the license.

Way to go Booger-I'm proud of you.

Footnote-Boog was excited to see a post about her and that people commented on it. Thanks-you made her day. Also, as I look at yesterday's post and my grumbling about the teenage drama, please know that I totally am not one of those moms who say 'my kid never does anything wrong'. I know too many people like that and it has come back to bite them in the arss. If Boog had done something wrong, she would have been totally punished. She said she got everyone to apologize to each other (herself included) that there were misunderstandings between all of them. teenage girls who, sigh, are teenage girls keep giving me greys. I'll have a bald spot soon. Just keeping it real :)


Spryte said...

Ahahaha!!! Tawny got her permit on Monday!!

We drove for about 45 minutes last night... I felt nauseous!

I had a margarita when we got home!

Congrats Booger!!!

Heather said...

hehehehe. good luck to you :) my mom refuses to drive with my sister. my brother, myself and my mom's fiancee have taught her to drive. probably for the best :D

Katherine Aucoin said...

I have one coming up behind me too. Maybe you and I could go to Betty Ford together and get a group discount!

tamilyn said...

I put it in our wedding vows that I would birth the children and he had to teach them to drive. Since it was only 10 miles from home, I thought it would be okay-not so much, but I didn't let her see me sweat! Katherine-I'm up for that!

Bob said...

Heh, my parents both refused to teach me how to drive. I blame them for my still not knowing! Congratz Booger. :)

Debbie said...

I have 3 sons - 24,21 and 9 so I have one more left that will eventually drive. Love all my kids but when they are teens - whoa - they will definitely give you gray hairs......I have the proof!!!!

noble pig said...

I am already terrified of the driving years. I mean I'll be a nervous wreck but being 16 and getting a license...OMG it was the best day ever!

Pam said...

My kids are 6 and 3 so I have a way to go - thank goodness!