Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grill Night

It was such a beautiful day here today. We did a lot of work in the house, drank some wine, grilled dinner........I was asleep on the couch by 6:30! I woke up to a dark house, nobody was around and I thought it had to be at least midnight-nope, 9 PM. Hubby was in bed, Hermit Crab was at a movie and Drama Queen is spending the night at a friend's house. I thought that maybe I should start painting the bathroom, but quickly decided that given I had a headache (I'm sure it wasn't the wine) I would just stop by the computer instead. The painting can wait until tomorrow. Of course, I need to make dessert for tomorrow as we are doing appy's and dessert at my friend's house while watching "The Bucket List". The Dude and I saw it in the theater, but I enjoyed it more than I thought it would, so we thought a good tear jerker was on tap. Speaking of tear jerkers, I was up until 3 AM this morning catching up on Grey's and ER. Man, I just cried and cried. Poor Blow Hole guy, and it finally came out to all the group that Izzie is sick and only Derrick has the chance to save her so he has to come back to the hospital. Then Neela leaves County General to a place that wasn't really reveled until the end-even then I didn't put two and two together until she opened the door to the physical therapy room that she went to be with Ray. Oh yea!! I knew they would end up together.

Okay, like you came here for a play by play of my obsession. My daughter on the other hand, went to the Twilight release party last night. She is WAY more obsessed with Twilight than I am of my Must See TV!

I'm actually showing two different dinners tonight as I was helping the hubs work on the satellite dish and our burgers got a little 'blackened' and didn't look very appetizing, so I will show the steaks from the other night. The potatoes are the same, but I got better 'finished product' pictures tonight.

I believe I posted these potatoes before, but had made them in the oven. The flavor doesn't compare to doing them on the grill. I can't even explain the kind of heaven I'm in when sitting next to the grill, drinking my wine and smelling the onion and bacon cooking. It is that good. The onions kind of melt into the potatoes and the bacon doesn't get crispy but oh so chewy and good.

The steaks don't really have a recipe; rather, I sprinkled them with our favorite seasonings. I like the Chicago steak seasoning and Famous Dave's Steak and Burger seasoning.

The after looks a little blurry-sorry

The spuds are super easy:
Potatoes-peeled and cubed
5 slices bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces
2 small onion, cut into narrow rings (although I think I chopped this one)
oil and butter (oil not shown)
shredded cheddar cheese

I made this small batch for Drama Queen and myself. Tonight I made a larger amount for the Dude and me since I wasn't sure if any kids would be here or not.

Toss the spuds, onions and bacon in a bowl with a couple tablespoons of oil (I used a canola blend) and top with a couple tablespoons of butter. I use 2 sheets of foil that I fold in half and lay one on top of the other, so there are 4 layers of foil. Fold the top down and then scrunch up the sides. The key to these is shaking them every 10 minutes so they don't burn. Shake and flip. I cooked mine about 40 minutes. I always take a fork with me as I swear they never cook in the same amount of time twice in a row! When potatoes are fork tender, open foil and sprinkle with desired amount of shredded cheese. I use about a cup for 8 spuds. Take foil pouch off heat and let sit to melt the cheese. When we camp, we just leave the spuds in the foil and serve from that. In the house, I normally put in a bowl as the foil can get greasy.

This is a bottle from our local winery in Cannon Falls, Minnesota (the only Cannon Falls in the USA). It is called Go-Go Red and is a light, slightly sweet red. Great with all grilled food. It doesn't compete with the good flavors, but is easy to drink. Hence, the headache. Or it could be the lack of sleep the last two days-about 7 hours total.

I took the most beautiful picture this morning while driving to pick up Drama Queen-the sun looked like it laying on the road-kind of like the sunset pictures on water-it looks so HUGE. I can't get it off my phone to post it though. Take my word-it was incredible.

Guess it is time to peruse some other blogs and hit the hay. The bathroom won't paint itself-unfortunately.

Tomorrow I am making a dessert from Donna at My Tasty Treasures-the chocolate and pudding cake. I can't wait-I hope it turns out as delicious as her pictures look!


noble pig said...

What a great Saturday night! Love the steaks! Sounds like a good wine coma too..hey its Saturday night.

Donna-FFW said...

Tamilyn- The steaks are gorgeous!!BUT OMG!! I can NOT wait to try the potatoes.. I am so waiting for grilling season. The wine, yum, can I come next time? Ill bring the dessert? I hope the cake turns out great, lmk.

Dawn said...

messy potatoes are the best way! oh yeah!

Bob said...

Man I miss grilling, those steaks and tatos look great! I love local wine, too.

Heather said...

holy cow. i cannot get over those potatoes. they look amazing. mmm.

Debbie said...

I can't wait to grill soon. Those potatoes look just soooo good!!!

Jeff said...

Bacon + potatoes = happiness. I have even gotten to the point of keeping my bacon grease so I can toss it with potatoes before being sauteed.

Looks awesome and I love grilling season.

Olga said...

Those steaks look great! I'm totally a girl who picks steak over a salad :)

And I love potatoes too.

avesta said...

I'd love a bite or two or three of those potatoes right now! those look so amazing!

Spryte said...

I can't wait to try those potatoes!!!