Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother of the Year

Oil Change-check

Grocery store-check

Laundry-check *and still in progress

Dreadlocks taken out-check


Wake up at 6:17..........and realize you forgot to pick up Drama Queen at 6 from Driver's Ed...oh crap, oh crap, where are my pants, why can't I find them? I left them on the bench, where is the phone? Call....voicemail picks up, crap. Yell "I'm coming" into voicemail as I'm running out the door with one eye open, mismatched shoes and the pants from the dirty clothes pile. Cue my ringtone with said daughter telling me "....I called Pat since you forgot to come get me and we are almost home". Hang head in shame and turn the car around. Thank God for my friend Pat.

Guess I'm not getting that Mother of the Year award again this year.
Plus, while I took a nap and left dinner in the oven-for 2 hours too long, I was concerned. It looked a little overdone, but was still very tasty.

I had just made a pot roast a few days ago, but I'm still getting used to my new Crock Pot and it didn't cook like it did in my old one. Today I found some nice pot roasts on sale and picked up a couple. I used my clay cookers and it turned out great. It looks a little 'charred' but it tasted really good. Since I overslept, forgot child, and was barely awake, side dishes were, gasp! instant potatoes and stuffing. No one complained and Drama Queen ate like she hadn't see food in 3 months. When making this observation she just jammed that knife further in my back with "well, you don't cook for us as much as you did when you worked days".
Can someone pull that out for me?
Since I totally blew my day with the nap and now feel like I have cotton balls for eyes, my planned masterpieces will have to wait for tomorrow-after we finish cleaning the house. Dude went a little crazy and broke out the vacuum and while I did laundry he rearranged the living room. Holy smokes-you know it is bad when he volunteers to vacuum.
Oh, and here is another question: what do I do with kumquats? You know how you always hear you shouldn't shop when you are hungry? Apparently you shouldn't shop when you haven't slept in 19 hours either. They looked like adorable little oranges-and I have no idea what to do. Do I peel them and eat them? Any help you can give this Horrible Mommy would be great.
Maybe I should make her a cake.......


Katherine Aucoin said...

Sounds like you got so much needed rest and don't beat yourself up too much about forgetting to pick up your child. She was safe and sound and you had a nice family dinner together and that's more important. Btw - dinner looks so savory, I think I can smell that delicious roast.

Kumquats - look at some of the recipe sites, now I'm curious and am going to look them up.

Heather said...

you can eat kumquats with the skin on. just give 'em a good rinse! you could also chop them pretty small and use them in cakes or muffins. They're very strong and a little sour, so taste them before baking with them (i really like them!)

oh no on the drivers ed! my mom forgot to pick me up sometimes, too! i'm sure it's not a big deal ;) but your friend pat sounds like a good friend to have :)

Donna-FFW said...

Dont beat yourself up.. it all worked out.. ou were on overload, it happens... you so love your daughter its obvious and she knows it, Im sure. You are a good mom! Kumquats, havn't a clue. The roast and veggies looked just fine, too:)

Bob said...

Heh, you sound like one of my sisters. She is always giving herself a sarcastic "mother of the year" award. :)

Great looking pot roast, I've never used a clay cooker before. I was making a pork roast the other day and left it in too long. This looks like it turned out much better than mine did!